A Complicated, Teen Love story

A Complicated, Teen Love story

So you get some background information, when I was little (elementary school) me and these 2 guys were friends. One guy (CJ), liked me, and we dated for 2 years, then our school made the rule 'no dating' and you could get expelled if u were caught! So... I broke up with him, then the other guy (Reece) started kinda hitting on me and getting competitive with (CJ). Almost like 'hey look, im better then him!'

Chapter 1

Sixth Grade - Falling.

I think I really fell for him in sixth grade. Every Morning I would put my stuff in my locker and run up the stair to his team (6-1) and talk to him. We would talk about random things. At the time, I thought he was the best I would EVER get. This went on for quite awhile before he finally asked me in the third quarter of the school year if I loved him.
was all I could say. We continued meeting each other, but the thing was, I had hated him in elementary. But he was the only guy I new at the beginning of the year. After that though, I was falling.
And falling fast.

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