Funny Sayings Of The Week :P

Just some sayings I know... :)
Sorry if I offend anyone, THEY ARE JUST JOKES :P

Chapter 1

Before And After Marriage

by: Jacers__
Before Marriage ~

Boy; Yes! At last. It's been so hard to wait.

Girl; Do you want to leave me?

Boy; NO! Don't even think about it.

Girl; Do you love me?

Boy; Of course! Over and Over!

Girl; Have you ever cheated on me?

Boy; No! Why are you even asking?

Girl; Will you kiss me?

Boy; Every chance I get.

Girl; Will you ever hit me?

Boy; Are you crazy? I'm not that type of person!

Girl; Can I trust you?

Boy; Yes...

Girl; Darling!

After Marriage
(Simply read the conversation from bottom up.)

Kinda funny but this better never happen!

Marriage is the type of relationship where one person is always right...

And then there's the husband...


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