Beyond Repair

~ Rated R ~
The tornado struck and Carla was left alone, without her husband, son and all family she knew of. And being alone isn't a good thing. Her job barely pays her enough for her to live on. And one day, going to the park, she meets a beautiful Goldendoodle puppy and his owner, Charles Koore, or Charlie. And his help might be the thing to retrieve her from this everlasting nightmare she's become.

Chapter 1


The rain hit the ground in an uneven rythm. I felt the drops soaking my skin and sheeting onto my body but it felt as if I were watching it happen from someone else's eyes. I felt nothing.
The water poured off my hair and into my eyes, but I did not close them. The phrase don't wipe away the tears if more are going to come broke through my careful barrier and I wailed, my voice sounding foreign even to myself. I sounded inhumane. I closed my eyes and fought soundlessly to restore my wall.
The gray sky around me loosed a magnificent streak of lightning, radiantly bright, lighting up the gray and swirling clouds for a moment to let me see the gigantic funnel moving away from my town.
I fell to my knees. I closed my eyes again, squeezed them shut with as much force as I could, trying to take the pain away from my mind and into my eyes, hoping to see anything, anything but this awful scene. I knew that opening my mouth again would be the last of my resolve. But I was squeezing my eyes so tightly that I could not breathe. I loosened my eyes and allowed them to open up the tiniest bit.
I hadn't expected opening my eyes to be the last of my resolve. I screamed in agony and fell to the ground, fighting for the pain not to crush me, but for anything else to do so.
My screams echoed and I allowed the rain to drench me, to fall into my mouth, to run into my lungs as I rolled on the ground, screaming and sobbing.
I felt the water begin to wear me down and my throat was beginning to feel burned. I choked on their names as I called out to them, hoping that it would be my last words.
"Rodney!" I sputtered, my voice barely understood through the water that was slowly sending me to my death. "Jeffrey," I coughed, holding my burning chest. I inhaled once more and felt the rain begin to work my wishes. I felt myself slipping into darkness, into blackness, a blackness I had feared so often but I now welcomed, knowing that they were somewhere in it.
My husband. My son. My love and joy. All dead. And hopefully, I was about to be, too.


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