Doctor Who in Fly me to the Moon

Doctor Who in Fly me to the Moon

This is a Fan fic. piece I wrote about the series Doctor Who where you are part of the story. So if you are a fan be sure to check it out. By the way I re wrote this story because the person who wrote the second chapter failed to pass it on to the next person so now it's all me enjoy. :)

Chapter 1

In the face of danger

You and the doctor are traveling through space once again. Trying to get to a planet where the Daleks were last spotted. When all of the sudden you feel the Tardis falling as if it's being dragged down. "Doctor what's happening." you ask with a look of fear upon your face.

The lights in the Tardis start blinking on and off. "Well it seems we have some kind of interference in the system, but I can't quite make out what they are trying to say." You look at the doctor trying not to panic. "So does this mean we are going to crash," You ask. "Umm... well yes I mean no, if I can just tell where the signal is coming from then we can land on the surface of that planet" The doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver and points it where the static is coming from. It works the Tardis is slowing down and the static is gone. "You did it," you shout excitedly jumping up and down. "Not quite, listen," says the doctor pointing to the screen.

You listen closely and hear a faint cry for help. "I hear it, now what do we do?" "Now uh yes we land," says the doctor pointing to the screen again. You glance over at the screen and see it. "Is that what I think it is?" "Ahhh... yes; it is the moon and not the lost moon of Ploosh either," He laughs. You can't believe it you actually get to go to the moon.

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