Random words to say to a stupid person

Please go ahead and read this funny pick up lines and random words.

Chapter 1

Randomness... Part one...

by: Ktoland
1. You smell like pickles

2. Can you swallow gum without swallowing?

3. I like to sneeze bananas!

4. Are my feet green or yellow?

5. I like your face, do you like mine?

6. The sham wow dude is scary...

7. Bubble gum and chocolate add up fine in a everyday meal...

8. If you eat chicken alive, what happens to the chicken?

9. I can see your eye veins, can you see mine?

10. Aw, can you put the cat in the stove?

11. What is that... THING

12. Bye Bye pickle!

OK, please comment in the comment box for more lines of randomness for my next chapter! I better see the number of reads the same as the number of comments! Or else I will stalk you! :) Just Kidding!

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