Legend Of The Rose's Blade

Amabilia Thorn is the of daughter Sir Knight Bennet Thorn, who is the King's loyal first man. Amabilia is forbidden to tell anyone the Royal Palace's secrets; a task that proves to be a very daunting one. But when the King's son William Adams threatens to disobey his royal responsibilities, it becomes Amabilia's choice to choose her fathers and Kings side or William's. Either choice has it's consequences; good and bad.

Eyes In The Blade Of The Mage's will be the sequel after this.

Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Oh No No No...Not That

by: Jacers__
At The Training Grounds In The Royal Palace Of The Majesty King Bartholomew Adams;
Island Of Nysalino, Spring, 1406

"Amabilia!" a voice boomed, causing me to turn my head at the last minute. I was knocked to the ground by my opponent's flail once my concentration was lost. For a minute, I coughed up dirt and struggled to breathe for fresh, crisp air.

Growling afterwards, I glared up at Prince William Adams, his dark hair falling out from beneath his leather training helmet. I pushed back my chocolate brown hair which had fallen out of my mail coif. Then I replaced my great helm.

"I'm trying to train here Will! If you keep distracting me, I will not win the tournament!" I lectured him as I pushed myself off the muddy ground and easily calmed my panicked horse with a simply thought.

"You know I hate it when you call me Will," he muttered and I flashed him a smile in return.
"You poor baby. Now is there something you wanted to tell me or can I go back to training?" I chuckled softly at his amused blue eyes, although he would never admit he was enjoying my company. Or anyone else's for that matter.

"Yes, the King demands your presence at the Royal Ball tomorrow." Now it was William's turn to smile at my horrified face.
"Oh no no no. William, that means I have to wear a fluffy stupid piece of clothing called a," I paused for effect then whispered, "dress!"

"Oh yes darling Amabilia. A ... dress. Dreadful isn't it? You'll actually look like a girl for once," Prince William chuckled darkly, his deep voice highly entertained.
"You, my dear Prince, are a cruel person. Tell the Majesty I shall be there. Against my choice but I shall be there." Scrunching up my noise, I wiped the dirt off my pants and blew it toward William. He sneezed while I climbed back onto my riding horse.

Now William Adams scowled at me as I re-challenged my opponent. His name I did not know, and therefore did not care about. As he had said earlier, he was simply a villager wanting some training in the case war broke out.

"Your message I will tell." And with a wink, William was gone.
"You make me so angry sometimes," I mumbled and my rival looked at me, shocked. "Not you, the Prince," I answered to his unspoken question.
"That was Prince William Adams? And you talked to the Majesty's heir like that?" He voiced his amusement and I shook my head, smiling despite myself.

"You seem surprised," I replied and charged toward him, my flail hanging by my side in a sturdy grip.

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