Judging A Book By it's cover [A Jason McCann Love Story] Chapter 14

Chapter 1

Chapter 14

by: ImBack_
Kendra's POV:
My eyes fluttered open to see someone standing over me.
"Jenna?" I asked confused. She giggled and nodded.
"You're lucky mom and dad left for a few days, for a family thing." I didn't understand what see was talking about till I felt hands wrap around my tight. I looked to my side to see Jason Sound asleep. Jenna gave me a grin walked out. I looked over at Jason.
His eyes were shut closed and he looked uneasy in his sleep, very worried about something in his sleep. He began to mumble.
"No...leave.....she's mine." I stared at him confused.
"Jason..." I said shaking him a bit. He quickly sat up and looked around alerted.
"It's just me....." I said. He looked around the room a bit confused, before his eyes laid on me and he smiled.
"Hey, Chick." He said. That had my face drop to a frown. I watched as a smile stretched across his face, "You miss that nickname?" He joked. I frowned, "Not really."
He grinned as I hopped off the bed and walked to my closet.
"What are you planning on doing today?" I asked looking for something to wear after I shower.
"Uhhh..." He hesitated, "I was going to take care of some business." He claimed. I turned around and gave him a look.

"What?" He said smiling. I shook my head and looked through my closet quickly. I found something to wear and headed to the bathroom, taking a nice hot shower. I changed in the bathroom, avoiding an incident with Jason.
I changed into a blue tank top with a white sweater, and black skinny jeans.
I walked out to see Jason looking at my shelves.
"You were a chubby baby weren't you?" He joked, picking up a picture. I crossed my arms and glared. I wasn't sure how he knew I was there. He didn't turn around.
"I was not cubby! I just had chubby cheeks." I protested walking over to him slowly. I stood beside him and looked at the picture he had his eye on.
I watched as he placed the picture down and turned to face me. He smiled before his face fell to an expressionless face. And, we're back to the old Jason.
"I gotta go." He said, walking past me. I sighed and looked down at my feet, "Bye."
I hopped onto my bed having to bounce as I did that. I was about to lay down on my bed when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, "Jenna?" I called.
No reply. I watched the door opening slowly. Someone ran in making me scream, though I never got to fully scream. It was Jason who walked in; he ran over and crushed my lips to his. His hands ran through hair a bit roughly. It was a very passionate kiss. My arms wrapped around his neck, kissing back of course.
I felt something in my stomach. A feeling I couldn't get over.
He pulled back, his face still the expressionless he had before, "I just had to do that." He said dully. That only made me giggle. I saw a smile flash onto his face for a split second. He wanted to smile.
"Bye.....chick." He said, walking out. I giggled and fell onto my bed looking up at the ceiling.

Jason's POV:
As much as I hate to say it. I like her. A lot. I can't like her though; I'm supposed to hate her. She's breaking my wall, and I hate it. But I like it.....

I walked down the stairs to see Alex, in the kitchen with Jenna.
"No...they're like making out up stairs." I heard Jenna say to Alex. He spotted me and smiled, "Look who's up! Eric wants to speak to you. Not in a good way."
I groaned and rolled my eyes.


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