Judging A Book By it's cover [A Jason McCann Love Story] Chapter 13

Chapter 1

Chapter 13

by: ImBack_
Kendra's POV:
I changed into my PJ's well, it was shorts and a bra but that was it.
I couldn't sleep. I kind of had Jason on my mind.
I heard a knocking on my balcony door. I got up from my bed and walked towards the door. I swung it open to see Jason.

"Jason," I whispered, "What are you doing here?"
He grinned at me, "You said whenever I need to get away from the not so good people I could come here"

He grinned and looked at me up and down. I remembered what I was wearing.
I used my arms to cover myself as much as I could.
He bit his lip and said, "Don't worry you don't look bad."
He stepped in as I shut the door., "So you're going to crash here?"
He nodded. I didn't say anything else. He soon began to pull of his pants and shirt. He saw my confused look.

"I sleep in my boxers." He answered. I understood than headed to my closet. Putting on another pair of PJ's.

It was short sleeve shirt, and some VERY, Very short, shorts.
I watched as he hopped into my bed. This is going to be awkward. I slid into bed facing him. My bed is a queen bed by the way.

"Jason," I hissed, "You got a black eye!"
He covered his eye a bit. "It's nothing..."

"Don't lie to me! Did Eric do that do that to you?" I touched it and he flinched away from me.

"Sorry..." I said quietly. He turned so his back was facing me. I must have made him anger. I don't like it when he's angry at me.
I sighed loudly, making sure he heard before turning so my back was facing him.

I sighed and closed my eyes though I couldn't go to sleep. So I began to count in my head.
67,66,65,64,63,62,61, 60,59 58...I was cut off by a voice.

"Kendra? Kendra? Are you awake?" Jason asked. I kept my eyes shut, as he shook me to wake up.

"Damn, now she's going to go to sleep hating me!" He whispered. I felt his hands on my waist as he turned me around to face him.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and scooted himself closer.

"I really hate how much I like you." He whispered. I could tell he was close to me, because I could feel his breath on my lips.

He scooted closer so I was pressed up against him.

I opened my eyes slightly, to see his eyes closed. I wrapped my arms around him, and cuddled in closer to him. Taking in his scent.

"Are you awake?" He said. I smiled, "Yeah...I can't sleep."

"Neither can I." He replied. We just sat there for a second when something came to mind.

"Jason, be honest with me....before you went where ever you did, Did you really set off those bombs?"

The second I asked, I regret it. Silence fell over us for a while. He didn't move, but his breathing kept a steady pace. I thought he was sleeping.

"Do you think I did?" He questioned back.

"N-....I'm not sure." I answered. He sighed and scooted back a bit so he could look me in the eyes.

"I promise you....I did not set off any of those bombs."

Jason POV:
Lies. Lies.
She nodded before her brows furrowed and confusion swept over her face again.

"What happened between you and Rhina?" She asked in a soft voice. I stiffened, Did Rhina say something to her?

"Nothing....I just knew Rhina when I was here before. Not friends...we just knew each other." I replied. Lies, and more lies.

She nodded, yet something told me she didn't believe me. We sat there, wrapped in each other's arms. The feelings I'm having for this girl, are freaking me out a bit. I began playing with her hair as we sat in the almost completely dark room.

I soon heard her breathing go down into a slow pace. She's asleep now. I closed my eyes and began to sleep.


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