Conflict: Hogwarts with Perspective

This will be about two girls who document their times during Hogwarts. The experiences will be different, yet the two will meet up at some stage.

Chapter 1


I sighed as the train squeaked to a halt. This was it. My life as a fourth year was about to begin. You could say that I was the only person on the train not looking forward to going back to Hogwarts School or Witchcraft and Wizardry. My reasons, I kept to myself, although they were purely obvious in my mind.
In my train cabin there were three other people. There was a boy called Dean, subtly placing his hand on his girlfriend's, Ginny, boobs, which she didn't seem to notice through their non-stop snogging. I'm serious, they havent stopped making out since the beggining of this trip. I think I'm going to kick one of them in a minute.
Then there was Luna. Luna was quite odd and I'm sure she knew that, but she realy couldn't care less. I liked Luna. She was quirky, but sweet. She was a year below me and insisted on me showing her around when she was a first year, so I got hauled into her being my friend, which I didn't mind in the slightest.
She's got really silky, silvery hair and gorgeously enormous eyes. She's pale, nice figure, but not as nice as Ginny's, but quite pretty, really.
"Are we here yet?" I heard Luna ask. She tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention. "Layna? Are we?"
I gazed outside again, my chin leaning on my hand. "Luna, if we're at the train station, it means we are here, okay?" I had explained this to her so many times, it just wasn't funny anymore.
"Dean," Ginny giggled as his hands felt her legs. "Stop. Ron's getting anxious."
I stood up and looked outside of the train. Sure enough, Ron Weasely, Ginny's older brother with the same blazing red hair stood, anticipating the arrival of his sister.
"Fine," Deam smiled as he let Ginny go. "I'll see you in the Great Hall." He kissed her lightly on the cheek as he exited the cabin.
I glanced over at Ginny who was smiling her face off. "He's a keeper, Gin. Good for you."
She leaned forward and hugged me unexpectedly. "Thanks, Layla. Look, you've been so cool with this, you know the whle Dean situation..."
I shook my hand dismissely. "It's fine. I'm over it. You guys have fun."
Luna looked at my quizzically. "Layla. I can tell by the the Kimpstone in your hair that you haven't washed it in a few days. Is that because you're angry with someone?"
Dammit, how did she find out? "No, Luna. I'm fine with it." I hurried stormed out of the cabin, my cheeks red with embarrasment as Luna tagged along behind me pulling making me hold her hand.
"It's fine, Ronald! How dare you say that to me?" a familliar high-pitched voice asked. Of course.
"Luna, can you save me a seat in the Great Hall?" I asked her, hoping that she would skip off and nod. She did. I smiled.
"It's just I got this bruise on my thigh and...Layla? Is that you?" she asked.
I spun on my heel. "Hermione, nice to see you again," I smiled.
She walked towards me and surveyed me. "What did you do to your hair? It's coloured."
My fingers went straight to the fringe to flatten it over my eye. "It's just a bit of red, that's all."
She folded her arms. "Is this about Dean?" she shot a glance over hr shoulder at Ginny arguing with her brother.
I shook my head and smiled. "There's nothing going on, okay? I think Ginny's great. She fun and sweet and really, really, I'm very happy he has her now."
She narrowed her eyes. "There's something you're not telling me, isn't there?"
I rolled my eyes. "Have any free time after dinner?" I asked her.
She grinned. "Who doesn't?"
I smiled with her as she walked into the castle filled to the brim with familiarity. I had to admit that I was lying to myself when I said I hated Hogwarts. I really hated Hogwarts.

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