A Haunted Eternity

A Haunted Eternity

Jessa Kay, has just been told by her theripast that she's made a huge improvement.After an awful accident her best friend Tory dies horroribly and the situation is just too much to handle.Jessa Kay has an awful feeling that it just isn't right. Shipped off to her eccentric Aunt to reclaim her sanity, it's time to face home.Cursed with being able to see the dead and stalked by the super hot Collin, she realizes the truth about Tory's death and that she's destined for a sad and Haunted Eternity.

Chapter 1


Tory sat on the edge of the clift with her back turned to me. "T-Tory?" I said in a hushed voice. I was a few inches away, my hand close to touching her back where her newly cut brown hair lay. 'Was she real? The wind started blowing harder than it ever had when we had been here. Too hard. In a snap second Tory was looming over me menachingly. I was on the ground in a long flowing white dress. Why was she the only one wearing regular clothes? The clothes she died in. Clean and spotless. Why were mine splaterred in blood? "Leave! Go away! You did this! I hate you!" I was hurt as I scooted away. Then with a small and mischevious smile she said, "You better just leave. This is mine. And so is he." He? I could tell this wasn't my bestfriend. The girl with a smile and laugh that lit up a room and moods. This was something not human. Evil. Then the sneer from her face was gone, replaced with a look only the real her could make. "Leave! Just go! Run Jessa Kay! Run!" This was really her as I stood up and ran into the forest. Now I was wearing normal clothes and it had suddenly grew very dark. 'Leaving so soon?' said an evil voice that echoed through the woods. Making dark birds that weren't crows fly away. A shiver rolled down my spine like a thousnd chips of ice were suddenly stuck into me. My breath had quickened and I realized I was being hunted. I had to run faster, but I kept stumbling over what looked like dead bodies. I suddenly stopped and looked around. I was in a clearing. In a sea of bodies. Bloody, grusome, cold bodies. I trip suddenly. Over a man with his face clawed away to see his skull. I jumped up, ready to throw up and scream. I was still being chased as I looked down at my hands. Covered in blood. My blood. Then the shadows loomed over me, laughing and shouting with devilish glee. Their faces deformed and ugly as they all said in diffrent voices, evil voices, speaking as one. "Soon you will join them!" Then, with their discusting and deformed faces they lunged for me, claws bloody and sharp. I screamed as they ripped into me. Tearing me to nothing to pieces. Then I realized something. I was suddenly standing. Over my torn, bloody, gut's ripped out body. 'Soon you will join them.' The voices said. Now fading away.
I sprand up in my bed. Covered in a cup of sweat. Like it had just been poured over me. I scanned my surroundings. My same room, same window, same dirty clothes drapped over furnishings and on the floor. Same mirror that faced my bed with my pale complexion staring back at me. No shadows. No claws. No dead bodies. No blood. I slipped my hand off the nape of my neck. I was all right. Tory was dead. It wasn't my fault. Dr. Logan said I was better. I should tell him he doesn't know anything. He didn't know what I went through. He didn't know me and didn't know how to help me. But what he had been saying had felt and sounded so right. It had to be. But if I was better why did I still have dreams that made me not want to go to sleep? Make me wanna close the closet doors, look under my bed and shut my curtains tight enough so those creepy shadows shaped like ghouls didn't get me? I was better. Dr. Logan said I had to believe I was able to get better to actually be better. I had made a huge improvement. I was doing just fine. Nothing to worry about. Isn't that why I was going home tommorow? Everyone thought I was much better. That it was time to try. But what if being back there, the place that she died messes with my head some more? And I freak out again? I can still remember her mangled and twisted body down there. He dark brown eyes staring at me guiltily. I shuddered. Goosebumps covered my arms. I was freaking myself out. If I kept thinking about it I would have more nightmares. And I needed some sleep. I climbed out of bed slowly, looking around catiously. Nothing is here. I reminded myself. Taking deep breaths and counting like Dr. Logan had told me. I opened the door and was welcomed by a dark and eerie hallway. Shadows everywhere. I took a deep breath and started down the hallway. The bathroom was at the very end. Good Lord, help me. I whispered. Suddenly I froze as I heard a creak from behind me. I couldn't dare look at what lay behind me. So I quickly walked, though others would say I ran, to the bathroom door. I pushed against the door and turned the knob. Inside I slammed the door. I lay against the door. Taking breaths again. I was okay. Comfoted by the smell of my Aunt's lavendar insence. I walked to the sink turned the squeaky faucet to cold. I spalshed the water on my face and patted dry. Not bothering about how I looked I opened the mirror and took out my medicine. I took out two pills as usual. A splash of cold water and two of my pills always put me straight to sleep. Doc says I shouldn't always depend on pills. But he says it's a coping method and I should sometimes try to go to sleep by myself. Tonight, he should just screw himself. After I had finished up there I opened the door and headed back to bed. Walking quickly. Then BOO! My Aunt had popped out of nowhere with a cup of tea. "Oh, did I scare you? Sorry. I made some tea, you want some?" I shook my head no. Relieved it was only her. "Did you take some more medicine?" I looked down. She smiled. "You really are making improvements. Good night." Then she passed me by and headed to her room. Tea did sound good. Especially Aunt Lillith's honey suckle tea. I headed back to my room. As soon as I hit the sheets that smelled fresh with Rosemary Downy I was out like a light. Dreamless.


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