Without You

Chapter 1

The Darkness

When I told you I loved you, I really meant it. I wasn't just saying it to make you feel good or anything like that, I said it because I purely loved you. But obviously even that isn't enough to stop myself, I destroyed what we had in a matter of minutes. I hate myself for letting myself do that, i should have been able to stop myself. I regret everything I said, if I could take it all back then I would, but what is done is done and there's nothing I can do. I know we will never be the same, I know nothing can return to the way it was, but it can't stop me wishing it would. I know I hurt you, but I hurt myself a hundred times worse after what I did. You were my ray of sunshine, my light to guide me through the darkness, but now your gone, so the darkness has a hold of me again. I try to fight I off, but it won't let go, without my ray if sunshine, I'm walking blind, and I'll be consumed by the darkness. 
I know you won't ever forgive me, and I can understand why, but you have to know, I can never stop loving you. You will remain in my heart forever, I guarantee that. 


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