"Don't, Ella." (Minutes in Heaven, Robin, continued)

I hope you guys enjoy, this is the completion of the Robin story in my Minutes in Heaven series. :D Please comment, rate and enjoy! :D

Chapter 3


I knew it would all begin once she looked at me for the first time.
The pain.
The regret.
I stroked the baby's cheek softly. Her skin was so perfect and smooth. There was barely any colour in her cheeks, from the cold, I imagined, and when she opened her eyes and gazed at me....it was magic.
My heart sped up and my lips broke into an undying smile. Realising what I had done for this girl was suddenly so clear to me at last. My eyes began to fill with tears at what I was now going to put her through.
"Hey, Baby," I smiled. "I'm Ella. Your birth mother. "
I suddenly felt as though a tug of guilt ran through my veins. Mother. I wasn't her mother.
"But," I stammered through tears. "I am going to love you so much, and visit you so often--" I broke out into a horrid sob, my tears dodging the girl's face. I sniffed to pull myself together. "--and when I visit you, you won't call me Mummy. I'll just be Aunty Ella and my brother, your Daddy, is going to be such a great Dad. His wife Jane are going to be such good parents--" I held the girl closer to my chest, wrapping my arms around her and swaying her side to side slowly.
"I love you." I whispered.
"Ella! Oh, God!" A familiar voice shrieked. Cameron, my brother.
Cam was much older than me, 28, but I was the 'mistake' of the family, as he liked to put it sometimes, as my birth was never planned in advance.
I smiled as he jumped through the hallway and into my hospital room, kneeling down when he saw the girl I was holding.
"Oh my God...that's her? That's my baby?" I looked into his dark eyes. They were teary. "Ella," he looked up at me. "You and this baby are the best mistakes in the world."
I smiled at him. "Where's Jane?"
"She's coming, I just couldn't wait to see her. The airport in Singapore didn't open until 6, so I was stuck there all night trying to get in. Jane was so upset that we were going to be miss the birth--"
"Oh, you wouldn't have wanted to see it," Mum chirped up, joining us in the room.
Cameron grinned at Mum. "She is so worth it, Mum. Look at her, she's...amazing."
"What are you going to name her?" I asked, the question I and everyone else wanted to know.
"Well, Jane and I are stuck between two names, but when she sees her...Jane will know which one to pick."
The sound of hurried high-heeled footsteps echoed as they approached closer. Jane.
"Jane...Jane! Get in here!" Cameron demanded.
"I'm coming, I'm--Oh my God..."
I grinned at her face. It was so beautiful. The golden blonde hair, the dark brown eyes and flawless olive skin. The whole lot.
"Well, what's her name?" Cameron asked.
She being to cry. "Ella."

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