"Don't, Ella." (Minutes in Heaven, Robin, continued)

I hope you guys enjoy, this is the completion of the Robin story in my Minutes in Heaven series. :D Please comment, rate and enjoy! :D

Chapter 2


"Yeah, I did." Morgan told me, his eyes deep in thought.
I stared at him, my eyes fixed on his. "Do you still--"
"No." His answer was forward in an-end-of-discussion tone that I knew was it.
I looked down at my pale hands, the little girl shivering. "Oh."
Morgan's gaze went onto the baby. "I'm very happy for you, Ella, but this is wrong. I just..." he sighed and stood up.
"Where are you going?" I asked him.
He turned to face me. "Away."
Suddenly, the hospital room went cold, the lights dimmed and my heart began to slow.

"Ella?" Mum's voice woke me.
I sat up, realising the baby was out of my hands, I panicked. "Where is she?" I asked, my eyes darting around the room.
Mum's hand nested on mine to calm me down. That's what she did my whole life, when I was a kid and even now. I loved her for that power over me.
"Ella," Mum sat down on the bed beside me. "I wanted to talk about this baby of yours."
"Yes? What about her?" I asked.
Her expression went cold and serious. "I don't think that a girl of your age should look after an infant. I mean, honey, let's be serious. You're 14, barely an adolescent and you now have a child. And one thing's for certain, I'm not going to let that monster Robin keep you at his house. He might impregnate you again, or cheat on you--"
"You found out about that?" I snapped.
Mum sighed. "Look, the point is, that I feel as though keeping this baby would be hard for you. The medical bills are astronomical, believe me, I know and all the things you have to buy...god, hon, I don't want to make you go through this. Not now, anyway," she confessed. Her face was beautiful, as it always had been. Pale skin, yet not albino, gorgeous brown eyes and her lips were always cracked into a permanent smile...but not now. She was frowning for the first time since Dad died.
"Mum..." I began, but I couln't continue. "I...I love him. I have to."
She closed her eyes. "Ella, I love you so much and if I cared less enough for you, I would let you live with Robin, but that boy--well, man, really--"
"Not Robin, Mum," I told her. "I love Morgan. He's always been there for me, he's supportive about the kid, he loves her and he loves me. That's all the criteria for a father."
She folded his arms. "But, sweetheart, Morgan isn't the father. Robin is. You can't change that." She strode towards the door. "I'll be back tomorrow. I have to pick up your brother." Then, she was gone.

Dinnertime in the hospital was awful. A nurse came in with a tray full of liquified goo that didn't look at all appetising. Of course, I wasn't ready to eat, anyway. It felt like a bubble of plastic had burst inside my throat.
Why did I always have to feel so guilty about everything? I had hurt Morgan, destryoed Mum and lead Robin on. What was wrong with me?

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