"Don't, Ella." (Minutes in Heaven, Robin, continued)

I hope you guys enjoy, this is the completion of the Robin story in my Minutes in Heaven series. :D Please comment, rate and enjoy! :D

Chapter 1


This wasn't happening. It wasn't.
"Please, Ella," Robin begged. "I love you, we have a kid, we need to be together."
I sighed and placed a free hand on my forehead. Robin's breath oozed onto my neck as he kissed it softly. "I don't know, Robin, I mean...you've never been there for me."
He looked up at me. "What do you mean? I'm here for you now. That's enough," he smiled.
"Oh God...no. That's not enough," I told him. "I had to go thorough so much without you. The doctor appointments, the medication, the depression, the frigging idea of facing school whilst having a balloon under my stomach and all you did was help with the production of the kid, cheat on me with some girls you just met and then anouce after 9 months of ignoring me that you want to that you want to get married? What's wrong with you, Robin?" I asked him, exasperated.
Robin looked shocked. "Oh, shitt. I...you're right. I've been a horrible father."
"You're not going to be the father, Robin!" I yelled.
He stood up and sighed, almost heartbroken. "Look, I know you kind of hate me right now, but...I just think that you and I are so great together. I know that the age differnce is a little daunting, but I really can't see the harm in it if we love each other."
I paused and stared at him. "But I don't love you anymore, Robin. I can't marry anyone who I don't love. Plus, I'm 14, I have my whole life right ahead of me and I'm wasting it with you."
He smirked. "Come on, I wouldn't call it 'wasting'. I mean...you and me have fun, don't we? And might I say, the night you got pregant, you were the best I ever had."
"Oh," I rolled my eyes. "Thank you for that. So, you're 19 and you already have a best? That's briliant. I think you should leave." I told him angrily.
He rubbed the back of his neck again. "Okay, but I really want to do it properly first..." His fingers dug into his pocket as he rummaged through it's contents. Suddenly, he brandished a tiny, tiny box that I assumed contained an engagement ring. He knelt down and gazed at me. "Ella, I know I've been horrible to you, but I really think that you and I are meant to be. So, with that, will you marry me?"
"No," I said. And that was it. My heart stopped at that one syllable. I couldn't believe I said that. I was ruining my kid's life all because of an event that ruined mine.
Robin laughed under his breath sadly. "Okay. I'll call you and we can catch up properly," he bent forward and kissed my mouth again. "I love you." He turned on his heel and strode out of the hospital quickly.
I sat, tight-lipped and pale, lost for words at what had just happned. Was the marriage between me and Robin supposed to happen, or was it just to be ignored and we could both get on with our lives? I didn't know.
I looked up to see Morgan peeking his head through the door, a concerned expression across his face. I smiled at him, although I felt a tear brush my eye.
"You alright?" he asked. "Did he do anything to hurt you?"
I shook my head. But then, mulled it over. Was proposing to me causing my heart to break? Perhaps. "It was fine, he just...came to see the baby."
Morgan nodded and propped himself next to me on the bed again. This time, I felt more tense, like kissing Robin ruined my chance of having a reasonable relationship with Morgan. I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder.
"So, you going to keep the little girl?" he asked.
I paused. "Maybe, I'm not sure. I mean...I'm in high school...who's going to look after her when I'm not there for her? I'll proabbly just give her up for adoption, or something..."
"Are you sure?" Morgan asked quickly.
I turned my head to him. "What?" I asked him.
He cleared his throat, a sign that he was going to explain something. "Well, since those girls in year 9 had twins, the school issued some sort of rule that students with infants could take leave off school for three months to look after their child. Maybe that's something you could do."
"Hmm..." I thought. "Well...I guess I could do that...but what about tests and things?"
"They send you any exams that you miss via email," Morgan explained. "I...I just really think you should keep her, that's all."
I grinned and kissed him. It was smooth and warm, not saliva-y and moist like most boys's lips, but sadly, no comparison to Robin's urgent, passionate, pressing-up-against-the-wall kisses that he was famous for in my world.
Morgan broke away first, although I wanted to keep kissing him forever. It felt right. "So, what happened when Robin was in here?"
No WAY I was telling him. "Nothing much, he just apologized for being such a jerk and then left."
Morgan raised his eyebrows. "Ells, what did he really do? You can tell me anything, I know it wasn't your fault, okay?" He smiled lovingly.
I sighed again. "Fine, um...he, well...kissed me."
He stared at me through wide eyes. "What was it like?"
"That's a weird questin, Morgan--"
"What was it like?" he asked again, struggling to remain calm.
I thought about this. "It was...a little too familiar. It was really forceful, like the kind he used when I first met him."
"He kissed you when you first met him?" Morgan asked, stricken with the anger that wasn't supposed to be.
"It was at a party. One of my friends decided to play minutes in heaven, so...that's how I got pregnant."
Morgan just stared, taking in all the information slowly, re-reading it and then blurting out, "Why would you let him do that to you? Get you pregnant? Kiss you? What happened to the Ella I knew and loved?"
I stared back at Morgan. "You loved me?"

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