Gingerly in Love (A Ron Weasly Love Story)

So Guys I'm Not Stopping my Harry Potter one this is just a side story I guess, Basic Info
Name: Sophie Roux (if you know what the last name means it totally fits the story)
Hair/Eyes: Hair: Strawberry-Blonde shoulder length wavy, Eyes: Light Blue
Former Schools:Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
Other: Mum and Dad both Brittish but moved to France for work and found out she was a wizard. You transfered to Hogwarts again for your Dads job, who is always getting transfered

Chapter 1

A New School

(Sorry I couldnt type anymore in the intro so this is a little more..........Who is always getting transfered but he promises this will be their permenant home, Mum used to work at the minestry before France, Your dad never tells you what he does anyway, only child and going into 3rd year along with the golden trio)

"Mum but I don't know anybody here!" I shout as we head over trying to find 9 3/4. My father just had to get transfered here ,....I love England but I have friends in France.
"Now Sophie I went to this school you'll have fun ok" she says as we stop in front of a big pillar.
"I know but you know me I have a hard time making friends cause I am a little Shy" I say, but I'm really fun if you get to know me!
"Aww don't use that as an exuse, now do you have everything?" she asks
"Yes mum I do" I say annoyed at her fussing over me like a baby.
"Ok then" she says and explains how to get to the train "Now once you get on the train just find a compartment and someone will come by and sit by you don't worry" she says and kisses the top of my head
"We'll see you soon" she says
"Ok Bye Mum" I say and run threw the pillar. Honestly how is running threw a pillar going to get me to a train and not to the hospital? I close my eyes as I get to the other side...'Am I dead?' I think to myself I open my eyes and see the Hogwarts Express. Huh I made it! I put my stuff where the stuff goes and get on the train. Where should I sit....Oh Look an open compartment, with a random guy sleeping in it. Werid!
I sit at the window and put my feet up on the seat in front of me grabbing my paper out of my bag. If I was at beauxbatons right now I would probably be sitting with my friends Fleur, Amelia, Hattie and Katrina laughing about anything and everything but instead i'm sitting here reading the paper on a killer thats going around!
"I'll tell you in here it looks emty" a boys voice says, I just ingore it I don't think they'll want to sit with me. But surpirse surpirse they open the door and the three of them stumble in, a girl , a boy with black hair and glasses and another boy with red hair and a surprised expression on his face.
"Um hi do you mind if we sit here?" the girl asks
''Oh ya thats fine" I say and take my feet off the seat
"Sorry but I've never seen you around before...what your name?" she asks
and sits in front of me.
"Oh I'm Sophie Roux and I just transfered from Beauxbatons" I say and shake her hand
"I'm Hermione Granger and this is Harry" she says motioning to the boy next to her the boy with the glasses
"Hi" he says and shakes my hand, I turn to the red head who is sitting next to me.
"And whats your name" I asked sweetly
"Uh um Ron Weasly" he stumbled out nervously I shook his hand
"Forgot you name for a second?" I asked laughing with Harry and Hermione
"Anyway Sophie what house are you getting put in?" Hermione asks
"Well I'm supposed to see Professor Mcgonell before all the first years do" I say 'But I'd like to be put in Griffindor my mom was"
"Well hopefully you are cause we all are" she says
"So wheres Beauxbatons?" harry asks
"France" I answer
"Really?!" hermione asks excitiedly
"Ya its pretty fun I had loads of friends there but I was the only one with a Brittish actsent" I say
"France just seems soo exciting" she says
"So do you talk much?" I ask Ron
"Uh um" he says but harry cuts in
"You'll find out that he talks more than you'd like" harry says and I smile at Ron who smiles back and I turn around to talk to Hermione again. Ok ron is pretty cute!
"So anything exciting happen while I wasn't here?" I ask them
"Well actually loads of stuff happened' Harry says looking at Hermione, They explain about the first year they had and the second (you know what happened)
"Wow the most exciting thing I think that happened at Beauxbatons is that 1. We starting getting french toast instead of biscuts and 2. Blue robes instead of Lavander!" I say and they laugh
"So Sophie do you have any siblings?" harry asks
"No i'm an only child" I say
"Same here" Harry and Hermione both say
"How bout' you mr. talk-a-tive?!" I ask
"Well I have 4 older bothers then a younger sister"he says
"Wow thats a big house" i say "I wish I had a sister or something"
We talk about this stuff for another half an hour and then the train stops
"Are we here?' i ask
"No I don't know why it stopped" Ron says. I slide closer to the window along with Ron. It starts to get really cold in the conparetment and I get goose bumps. The window starts to get ice on it but before it does something outside moves
"Did you see that?" ron asks
"ya" I reply "What was it?"
"I dunno" he answers. I look at the sleeping man...who was he?

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