Proving Them Wrong

Jade Kale is in high school and is the only girl on the school's football team. She has proven to many people that girls are just as good as guys, if not better. She has built many walls around her heart and loves very few people. But when the new kid comes, everything she has worked so hard for could fall apart quickly.
This story is now officially for IceCreamAndSprinkles writing contest. :)
Chapter 1 has the original cha. 1 and 2. Chapter 2 has the original chap. 3 and 4.

Chapter 1

Running with memories And Spooked

by: Jacers__
Written By Bianca, She Has Just Started To Share My Account So All Her Stories Are On Here. Sorry For The Inconvenience.

Breathing hard, I push myself to keep running for as long as possible. I smiled slightly as memories rush through my head.
"You'll never make it." Matthew Grunt had sneered. To me, he looked like an ogre, a very hideous one too.
"Watch me." I said through clenched teeth and continued to run around the track.
Nobody had believed that I could make the team. A girl had never made it and I could tell even my friends had their doubts.
The memory danced out my head and I continued to run fast. I could feel the beads of sweat slowly drip down my tan-ish skin.

I knew if someone looked at my light blue eyes right now, they would see that they were hard with determination.
I also knew that my blond hair was bobbing up and down in it's messy ponytail. And despite the burning pain in my legs, I continued to smile slightly.
I didn't stop until I reached my house again. Suddenly I stopped at the front door and turned around, not really knowing why I was.
Then I realized I had heard the roaring of an engine and a teenage boy was climbing off his motorcycle.
But trouble is bound to come from this kid. His body language just screams it.

The stranger seemed to notice me watching him and he turned around, looking me straight in the eyes.
I squinted against the fading sunlight and opened my door to get away from the guy's strange stare.
Once my door was closed, i let out a long sigh and sagged against the door.
Then I shook my head and gingerly walked over toward the fridge filled with magnets, pictures of family and report cards.
Reaching in the packed fridge, i withdrew a cartoon of milk and thought about grabbing a glass but chucked the idea away.
I chugged about a quarter of milk before I set it down, and leaned against the counter.

It was deadly quiet in the house, too quiet for a house of four guys and two girls.
"Hello?" I yelled into the silence. "Is anyone home?"
"Boo!" A voice whispered from behind me and I almost let out a screech.
I placed a hand over my racing heart and turned to scowl at my younger brother.
David is the second youngest in the family, with honey-blond hair and brown eyes. He's tall too.
"David!!! I swear I'm gonna get you!" I said and started to chase my brother around the island in the kitchen.
"Jade, leave your little brother alone." My dad's voice said from behind me.
He didn't startle me, only agitated me.

"But he startled me!" I protested but gave up when my dad looked at me with a look of amusement.
My little brother stuck his tongue out at me and I snickered. He's only a year younger, and I'm in grade 10.
"Do you got homework?" My father asked me, and i nodded before racing up the stairs to shower.
"You smell funny." My older brother Ben said and plugged his nose. I laughed, and he joined in.
Ben is in grade 11 and also on the football team. He looks more like me, we both wear contacts and both have dirty blond hair and blue eyes.
Ben was the one who taught me how to play football and had been one of the few to help me through the try-outs and training.
"You smell too." I replied and continued up the stairs to shower.

I was almost in the bathroom when my little step-brother turned the corner with a book in his hand.
"Jay," Izzy said, using my nickname, "will you read me a story?"
It's hard to say no to him. He's just so adorable.
"Let me take a shower first okay?" I said and waited until he responded.
"Okay." He smiled at me and made his way back to his bedroom.
The shower was short and I knew that it would take at least two books to get Izzy to fall asleep.
Izzy fell asleep with his brown hair falling across his face after I read him the books Robin Hood and The Obnoxious Dragon.
I smiled and gently walked out of his room, while turning off the lights.
Then it was homework time. I'm in advance classes for most of my core subjects which means i have more homework than kids in regular.
At least I'm going somewhere.

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