Four birds with one stone (an original poem)

WARNING: Depressive

Chapter 1


I'm going to drown
I'm going to fall
I'm falling
I can't stop
Spiralling down
I can't feel anymore
I feel so cold
I feel so numb
I feel so scared
Help me
I can't feel anymore
I can;t love anymore
I'm hollow
I'm empty
A shell of what I used to be
I'm hopeless
I haven't slept in weeks
Too worried to dream
Too scared to be alone
I'm falling
Spiralling down
I'm not myself
I don't feel the same
I've changed
I don't remember how I was before
I'm going under
I'm sinking
I'm hollow
A shell
You've taken all of me
Changed me without trying to
Made me as I am today
But I never stopped you
You never tried to
I hide it from you with this smile made of lies
The laugh, sickening in my ears
I feel sick
My head is spinning
My heart is beating
The stress is slowly killing me
Four birds with one stone
I started at the top
Ended on the bottom
This is the price for your peace
I'll pay it every time
Somehow I found a way close to your heart
And let it slip away
I'm still hollow
I'm still broken
Wounds too deep to fix
Scarred forever
I'm nothing without you though
Four birds with one stone
She goes
He goes
You all leave me
I go also
Afraid to be alone
Four birds with one stone


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