Mindless love A Roc Royal love story

Hi I'm Sara Smith and my boyfriend is Roc Royal,from mindless behavior let me tell you how we started dating.It's a chaotic path to love

Chapter 8

It's not what it looks like

text convo
Jacob:So you and Prod
Me:It's not real
Jacob:What cuz you guys even kissed
Me:We had to it's a publicity stunt
Jacob:Oh sorry
Me:It's ok
End of convo
Prod:Hey Sara so we have an interview tomorrow and we need to make up lies about us
We were sitting on the bed talking then there was an awkward silence I looked down and when I looked back up Prodigy kissed me
Prod:I'm sorry
Me:It's ok
I looked back down and then I looked back up and kissed him because he looked sad that I looked back down
Prod:Will you go out with me
We didn't have to lie anymore and that felt great
Next Day
NewsPerson(NP):We are on the air with Mindless behavior and Sara,so Sara and Prodigy you guys are dating now
We said as he put his arm around me
NP:You guys are such a cute couple and everyone wants to know how yoou two started dating
We told them the whole story and finished the interview we took pictures and stuff then went back to the tourbus today I got to go back home and the boys were staying at my house yea sleepover anyway I couldn't wait to see my mom again

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