Mindless love A Roc Royal love story

Hi I'm Sara Smith and my boyfriend is Roc Royal,from mindless behavior let me tell you how we started dating.It's a chaotic path to love

Chapter 3

The First Concert

We had to wake up early the next day for soundcheck and I was so nervous,I was shaking.When we got there the guys said I would do great that was probably a lie.I had to sing My Girl,Christmas with my girl ,and Mrs. Right with them.I had to sing So Sick by NeYo and Take A Bow by Rhianna by myself.

After getting dressed and makeup and hair I went backstage where the boys were at .I was freaking out so they all came and gave me advice and princeton gave me a kiss on the cheek, I saw Roc give him a death glare.Keisha told me it was time to go on and I thought I was going to faint until I introduced myself and started singing then I never wanted to get off.

After the concert
they all said I did great and Roc tried to hug me but I blocked him
Me:Let's wait til you're dry
When we got back on the bus I showered and got dressed into my pajamas,monkey pajama pants and a tanktop.After I got out of my room I stopped in Roc's room to find his candy.I finally found it and took it and hid it in my room,then went to the living room.
Roc:Hey guys have you seen my candy?
Me:Nope(as I pull a piece out of my pocket),but I've seen MY candy.
Roc jumped on me and tried to take it out of my my hand.
Me:That's OK I have the whole bag.
Roc jumped on me
Roc:Where is it
Me:I'll never tell
Roc:Tell me now or I'll kiss you
Roc tried to kiss me and I tried getting him off of me but he was too strong thank goodness Princeton came in and dragged Roc off of me.
Princeton:Leave her alone
Roc: But she hid my candy somewhere
Princeton:Sara give him back his candy
They both jumped on me so I screamed and Prodigy and Ray-ray came running in they pulled them off of me and I hid behind Ray-ray
Prodigy:What are you guys doing
Roc:She stole my candy and hid it
Prodigy:We'll find your candy so don't jump her again
ME:Yea(I flinched and hid behind ray-ray again)
Roc Acted like he was going to hit me so I ran to my room.
The Next Day
I woke up to Roc.
I do not do well when I am woken up from a good dream so I tackled him (ha who's on the ground now.)
Roc:Get off
He said as he rolled over so he was on top off me I rolled over and ran to the kitchen.I got some breakfast and then Roc came in and took my bowl of cereal.
I took the bowl back
Me:In your dreams pretty boy
Roc:Awww you think I'm pretty by the way why do you always hide your phone from me.
Me:I'm not telling YOU,but(I whispered it to everyone else)
Roc:You're mean why do you hate me
Me:I love you but I'm still not telling
Roc:And you never gave me my hug
I hugged him and with that I took my bowl of cereal to my room

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