Mindless love A Roc Royal love story

Hi I'm Sara Smith and my boyfriend is Roc Royal,from mindless behavior let me tell you how we started dating.It's a chaotic path to love

Chapter 2

The Tourbus

We were on the bus and then they all gave me a tour.There was a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom,just like a house except smaller.I had a room right next to Roc's,and on the other side of me was Princeton.I walked to the living room ,but as I was walking the bus move and I was about to fall when another set of arms came around me and this time it was Princeton's
Princeton:Be careful you wouldn't want to hurt that beautiful face of yours would you?
I blushed and turned away
Princeton:You're going to have to get used to the bus moving unexpectedly like that it happens alot.
Then he walked away.I kept walkng and went through Roc's room and found candy ,so I went in and took a piece.Roc came in though.
Roc:What are you doing
Me:Nothing (mouth full of candy)
Roc:You're eating my candy aren't you
Roc tackled me to the bed
Roc:Spit it out
Me:Never (as I took another piece.)
He took it out of my hand
Roc:My candy
I stole the bag and ran away
Me:Not anymore pretty boy
Roc ran after me and I finally got to the living room where all the boys were and I tried to grab Princeton's hand so Roc wouldn't get me, but he grabbed me from behind and grabbed the bag of candy and hid it somewhere.I crossed my arms and walked back to the living room and sat beside Princeton.
Princeton:He get the candy
Me:Yes but this is not over.
Roc walked into the room
Roc:You stole my seat
he said as he picked me up an sat down
Me:Fine then I'll just sit on you
I said as I sat on his lap,I could tell he was smiling.

It was getting late so we all decided to watch a movie we all chose The Woman In Black(not out yet).I hate clowns so when the clown doll popped up I hugged Roc tight and dug my head into his chest,and he wrapped his arms around me tightly.After the movie we all went to our rooms and I was scared so I went into Roc's room
Me:Roc I'm scared will you..

The Next Day I woke up and Roc's arms were wrapped around my waist.He woke up and I pretended I was sleeping,He woke me up and we got up and went into the kitchen,and got cereal.Princeton was the second one to wake up and he came and sat on the other side of me while we were eating Princeton put his arm around me
Princeton:I'm making sure you don't fall
Me:Ok thanks

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