My Heart Belongs To A Wolf(A Jacob Black Love Story)

Thistle Lockwood-known as Bunny by her friends-a nickname given to her by her best friend Jacob Black suddenly finds herself caught between her own shapeshifter pack and Jake's pack.When they clash in the forest-neither backs down-neither knowing who the others are,Bunny is no longer allowed to see her friend.How can they settle the fight between their packs and remain friends

Chapter 1

The Last Day

Song:If Today Was Your Last Day-Nickleback
The last day started like every other that summer.I was at La Push,hanging with Jake,these days,we had barely hung out.I was kept busy by..well by things tat if Jake knew about,he'd never speak with me again.I always had a lie ready when he asked.And now it seemed like I might just get a full day with my friend-that is until my phone rang.

It was Alex,the oldest and leader,of my little group.He sounded pissed,tired and ready to snap."Thistle,get to Matt's house.He'll fill you in-and don't go near La Push.Ever.Not after you leave.Sorry."Before I could protest he hung up.Jake had been making faces at me,but now watched me concerned."Everything ok Bunny?"He asked.I nodded,"Yeah Jake,Everything is fine."The lie was abvious and Jake grabbed my hand as I stood up,stopping me.


"Everything is fine..or it will be.Trust me Jake."I said.He stared at me,his dark browns eyes were searching and concerned.He released his grip on my hand,briefly squeezing my hand before letting me pull away.He walked me out to my truck and watched as I got in."and Jake..I might not be around for the next few days-I'll call when I get the chance.I promise."I said and drove to Matt's house.

She pulled into the drive way and turned the car off and opened the door and walked up the steps.The house was rather small-built back into the woods,just past the La Push border.The sandstone walls were covered in vines in places.Inside seemed like it could have belonged in nature.Deep green carpet,the walls were a dark wood,black couches were circled around a TV.Occupying the couches now was a group of teens-the oldest who was 19.They looked nothing alike.The oldest,Alex,had black hair that curled low on his next,olive skin and deep senna eyes.The youngest was around 14,she had the palest blonde hair and icy green eyes and light skin.There was 5 present,counting me,but I knew two were missing.

I sat on the end of the couch,Alex's expression was dark and stormy.Matt,the second oldest and second in command sat down next to me.Out of everyone-we looked more alike in looks.Deep chesnut hair with red and gold highlights,light hazel eyes and light tan skin.Though we were opposites in build.He was tall,lanky and lean.I was short,slender and soft.

At that moment the door banged opened and Ash and Sam came in.They plopped down and everyone's gaze turned to Alex."We've got problems.The other...pack we've been scenting-we had a run in with them.They're hostile and will attack.So far they're staying on the edges of town and La Push,but they're getting closer to where we are.No one is to go to patrol alone or go to La Push."The order was evident and very strong.Everyone winced under the weight of the command.I felt it more than the others.One question bothered me:

How was I supposed to tell Jake that I could no longer be his friend?
First Jacob Black story-I need at least 3 comments to continue.So please read and comment.

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