Top 15 Thingz To Know About Me If You Wanna Be My Fwend (i highly suggest u read but u no watevz)

Top 15 Thingz To Know About Me If You Wanna Be My Fwend (i highly suggest u read but u no watevz)

allrighty thn if u read thiz u rock, man! ^.^

not just thiz intro but the story lolx but if u read thiz intro u ROCK EVN MOR! :P

Freebee fact: I'm insane not like diagnosed with a mental problem but I'm just not normal and you know what.....I like it

"Some may never live, but the crazy never die."
- Hunter S. Thompson

Chapter 1

Allright Dude Read Thiz if u Care At All

1. Imma nerd and you can't change that, can't deal with it? Go fvck yourself
2. Imma hippy i suppose u could say...i say man and dude a lot and i am all bout peace and not littering and all that sh2t ya half against war kinda confused on that subject
3. I've got writer and actress blood which doesnt mix...some dayz i feel like sh2t and just wana scream othrz i wana kill myself and othrz i am thiz amazingly happy child from Heavan XD dont try to change me, i'll kill u...
4. Imma Christian! Proud of that too, so dont go all "y the h3ll r u a Christian" and sh2t on me...i dont need it!
5. I spell stuf rong so i type faster and I use z's instead of s'z a lot...get ovr it!
6. Obsessed with Johnny Depp? Yez. and frankly i dont care if u wana giv me sh2t about how horrible u think he iz! I don't wana hear it!!! don't b like the stupid azz kidz at my skool who make fun of me every five secondz for it...
7. Imma germaphoebe aka spermatophoebe (the actual term for it) so ya anothr reazon imma nerd
8. Straight, single, female who wont judge you! ex. ur a bi/les/gay? i dont care we can stil b the bezt of friendz ;)
9. Sometimez I feel bipolar :): cuz dayz im happy and excited and othrz im sad and depressed....just a headz up! havnt had one of thoze bad dayz in a wile tho ;)
10. I use a lot of smiliez, so if u dislike it that sux cuz smiliez wil one day rule the universe! :P
11. I've almozt killed myself b4.... we're very lucky im stil here cut my finger once (on purpose) promised myself i'd never do it again but...ya nevr no i'm rlly trying tho!
12. Your a bully? Don't read thiz sh2t it'z not gona help u or anyone elze and thiz iz my only msg to u: Y? Y the fvck would u wana do wat u do? Hurt ppl physically and/or mentally! i mean wtFH?! Sick minded that'z wat i say, you could get someone killed u no? Go rethink your, u need to go think about wat uve said to ppl and try to appoligize b4 itz too l8...
13. I call ppl a lot of odd nicknamez... ex. girly pantz so dont b offended
14. ya i swear...did u notice? typically i dont do it nearly az much az i did just now, but im just trying to get my point across...dont fix me...I don't need fixing
15. I am who I am. Don't try to change me, it can't be done.

comment if u wish...who carez no one wil read thiz or care anywayz just something to say, kinda sticking up for all thoze ppl who feel like they r ugly or stupid or unwanted becuz ppl r cruel...


My First and Only Rant

P.S. Ya, I may be only 13 and sha bla bla bloo...but i needed to say thiz stuf, get it off my chest...c if anyone carez and noticez that ppl r killing thmselvez left and right...itz cruel man, just cruel...lastly, if you hav an internet crush on me plz say so! I'd luv to know that someone out thr luvz me...evn if ur a girl it'll stil make me feel good :]

Ya it may sound like i hate it but really: I love thiz crazy, tragic, sometimez almost magic, awful, beautiful, life...So I try to enjoy the ride while I'm on it, you should too!

"Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously."
- Hunter S. Thompson


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