Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 2

next part....need some ideas so if you have any it would be a great help!

Chapter 1

Snow and spiders and dementors

I jumped away frightened and Draco glared behind me.blaise stepped around me and I watched him closely.
"I haven't seemed to meet name is blaise"he leaned forward and grabbed my hand in his hands kissing the skin lightly and lingering there.I pulled my hand away.these guys really were friendly at this school. Draco pushed past pansy and she backed away knowing this wasn't her territory to intercept in.
"blaise dont you have something to do right know now like detention with snape?"he said coldly.blaise straightened and glared at him."no actually i was just coming to bed but I saw this lovely person"he said winking at me.I blushed and his grin widened while dracos scowl deepened.
as they were fighting I creeped away to the far side of the common room.a girl with blonde curls and a gentle face sat in a chair by the fire reading.I tapped her on the shoulder and she looked up at me with wide blue eyes.I smiled as warmly as I could."would you mind if you could show me to where im sleeping?"I said sweetly.she stood and straightened out her skirt smirking at blaise and Draco fighting in the corner.
"did you start that?"she said.I looked away embarrassed"I guess"she laughed."Ive never seen them go at it like that over a girl.well anyway you actually share a room with me.snape asked me to show you around and stuff like that so you asked the right person."as she talked her curls bounced around her face.she had the face of someone sweet but with a darker side underneath.


I followed her through a hallway and up a flight of stairs.she entered the last door down that hallway and I stood in a room with a huge bunk bed with curtains and all.a small couch and other accessories."whose got top and bottom?"I said.
she motioned to the top"I call top"that was fine with me I like the bigger more private bottom bunk.I pulled bacl the curtains from around it and jumped comfortably onto it.these slytherins sure knew how to live in luxury."do the other houses live like this?"i said.
the girl shook her head."no were the more proud and rich pure bloods.we deserve the best so this is how we live.the other houses all share the same rooms."she said with disgust.I nodded and said"one more thing whats your name?"she smiled.
"Tatiana"she said."tomorrow ill show you to our classes we have identical schedules."I nodded to this and curled up in the first day was not what I expected but at least it was good.


I got dressed early in the morning and this time my uniform had a slytherin house and Tatiana headed down to breakfast.this girl was becoming like a best friend to me and i felt warm and happy because i already had one so soon.
in the great hall everyone was seated eating breakfast or doing homework.i glanced at the gryffindor table and noticed harry staring at me.his eyes look disappointed and sad.I took a step toward the table but Tatiana stopped me."we dont sit with our worst enemy Ana"she said.her new nickname for me distracted me and I headed towards the slytherin table.
Draco and blaise hadn't made up yet I guessed.they sat at either ends of the table ignoring each other.I sat down and grabbed a glass of water and a plate of pancakes. Draco watched me from across the table.I nervously poked at my food and finally looked up at him."if you have something to say just say it dont just keep staring at me im trying to eat."I said annoyed.
he looked down then looked back up his smirk plastered there.
I snorted and he said."oh so knight lets see why your in slytherin"he quoted the sorting hats words."hmmmm....cunning and decisive....yet golden hearted.your dark side rules over so no gryfindor then it must be slytherin."he said staring at me. Tatiana suppressed her laugh and I glared at her.
"so your cunning.hmmmm..I wonder american girl straight from new york whose cunning?"he said.I raised my wand and snow fell onto Dracos head and shoulder and then it turned into spiders.
he jumped up and let out a shriek as they crawled all over him.he tried to brush them off and he turned in circles.blaise burst into laughter with me and Tatiana.we hurried out of the hall and I looked over my shoulder as I was running out to see harry giving me a thumbs up and Draco charging after us.


we ran through the hallways to potions and outside the dungeon Draco caught my by my arm.I screamed while still laughing and Tatiana almost keeled over with laughter.
Draco couldn't hold back his grin though."no ones ever gotten me like that knight."he said.i grinned "yeah and no one will ever get you like that again either malfoy"i said devilishly.he smirked and straightened when snape opened the door.we headed in I sat at a empty desk. Draco slid in next to me and I stiffened.
the rest of the gryfindors walked in and I noticed harry's surprised look as he saw Draco next to me.
I didn't know how to react.I looked away uncertain. Draco was staring at me with intense desire.nervous,I scooted away from him.I wasn't used to these feelings and emotions I was feeling now.snape started talking about a potion we were to complete for homework.I felt Draco and harry's eyes on me the whole class.


I sat in the common room staring out into the dismal and gray evening.the sun wasn't out and it was lightly raining.what was I supposed to do about this Draco kid?I had only just met him and I was already falling?plus he was a stuck up pretty boy.why couldn't I get that through my thick skull.
I clenched my hands by my side and noticed a black owl on the window wings beat the window and I almost fell out of my chair surprised.I opened the window and the owl flew in bringing in a splash of rain that hit my shirt covering it in little water marks.the owl landed on a table and I walked over to it.
it stretched out its leg and i untied the letter.
it read

dear Anastasia,
this was your mothers owl when she was younger and went to hogwarts.I hope she comes as a great help to you.
your loving aunt Marie.

I stared at the black owl.its feathers shown a glossy purple in the firelight.its large golden eyes blinked back at me."whats your name?"I hooted and I have something of my mothers lightened my mood."Catarina,hat will be your name after my mother."I said and she hooted again.


after trying to sleep I got out of bed restless and left the dorm.when I lived in new york I used to always steal away during the night and walk through central park.I remember the cold night breezes and the earthy smells all around me.
I headed outside onto the castle grounds headed for the forbidden forest. Tatiana had told me that it was dangerous and I should never enter but I was curious why.I was never afraid of forest I was only ever intrigued.
once when I was younger and we lived in Washington.I ran into the woods one day unaware of the danger only being four years old.
I was almost killed by a grizzly bear if it hadn't been for the shadowy form that had saved me.
I never remembered what or who it was but I only remember being carried away and waking in my room.
that memory changed my judgement of these woods.I wouldn't have someone to save me this time.but my carelessness won over and I headed beyond the tree line.

*****************Draco's P.O.V
I followed Anastasia through the castle and out to the castle grounds.I hid behind a tree as she stopped at the edge of the forest.she must be nuts to come out here at night.but she didn't seem afraid as she stood looking into the trees.she finally headed inside and I followed her close behind.
the woods were dark and noises with no face rang through the heart was pounding so loud I could of sworn you could here it a mile away.the air around me chilled and I immediately knew the danger Anastasia just got her self into as the claw of despair that signaled their presence enfolded me.

*************Anastasia's P.O.V

the air seemed seeped with a cold sullen silence.a sudden felling of sadness washed over me and I was confused at first then it clicked.hopelessness clouded my judgement but then I remembered again the danger i was in."dementors"I whispered.a shadow flitted across from me and I pulled out my wand.
a voice was calling to me but I was stiff with fear and cold.
a arm grabbed my shoulder.
the light from the persons wand reflected on his was Draco."get out of here Draco,or do you always follow girls around at night?"I growled.his eyes were panicked."dont start now Anastasia were in big trouble."he said.I nodded."ya you dont think I dont know about the dementor?"I said sarcastically.his eyes were locked behind me in terror.a cold breeze hung Over me.
I didn't waste any time I spun around shouting"EXPECTO PATRONUM!"I thought of the happiness I felt when me and my parents used to go on family vacations.a silver wolf burst from the tip of my wand illuminating a dark figure and the trees around screamed a guttural scream and drifted back in pain.
Draco looked at me in surprise."you can create a patronus?"he said.the silver wolf prowled in front of us and then vanished when i couldn't hold the happiness any longer.the dementor rushed forward....TBC


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