When you believe

Well.. this was kinda when I was totally obsessed over writing, but I was like.. really not original at all.. It's kinda really stupid in my opinion, but my friend encouraged me to post it.. so yea... Please tell me how it is?

Chapter 1

In the beginning...

In a palace next to the ocean, any human would know but not see the sun had just set on the horizon. The palace was called Royal Ground. It was named by the first ever being on Earth who was smarter than any living thing, even humans. Scream filled the air. The sent of death crept around any living soul near. The Royal Ground door was burst open. The guards were off duty that night. A malicious laugh was heard echoing through the corridors. In the dinning room, where there was a big majestic table with chairs that matched and shinning ceiling like the heaven and above, the ground was carpeted with an alpaca wool carpet. The room was lit by floating spheres. There was a small girl screeching at a man whom had just killed both her parents while all she could do was stand and watch the treachery. The malicious man wore a cloak jet black in colour, his face, that was hidden in the hood, as white as a ghost which housed vicious eyes that seem to follow you everywhere. His thin long face made him look like the grim reaper only without a scythe to complete the look. He was oddly thin and bonny.

“No! Leave us alone!!! Go away bad man!” cried the little girl weeping over her mother’s body and swiping at a person. The sinister man just sneered and pushed her aside.

“Out of my way nitwit and let me get this over and done with!” hissed the stranger like a snake. The girl ran and did the last request of her mother; she tried to protect the cot where her younger brother lay crying. The man sniggered at her hopeless attempt. He walked over to where the young boy wailed and threw his sister against the wall. He took out a long pointy stick and pointed it at the lad saying in a sing song voice

“The only known way to kill an elf besides throwing him or her into a steaming hot volcano is with a magic wand using one of the olcas curses. The marbh’s the right spell.” He lifted up the wand (Pointy stick) and snarled a string of words. The girl saw what happened, screamed, and flung her whole body in front of the red light streaming out of the wand. As if like magic (fine so this is about magic) blue light flew everywhere out of control and caused the whole room to catch fire and burn. The heat had cracked the spheres and the room had to rely on the light of the fire the fill the room.

The murderer teleported off smiling evilly and left the two children alone in the burning room, thinking the fire would kill them and take them from existence.

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