BulletProof- Justin Bieber

Surprise surprise my loves. I just got some AMAZING inspiration!!! From my friend Jessica. So AWESOMENESS to her. This is dedicated to Jacob_Perez_Loves_ME, Jessica, and Purplepandas. Oh and this is a continuation of Girl Cronicles.. Just to let you know i seriously messed up the story. DO NOT FORGET TO COMMENT AND RATE EVERYTIME YOU READ!!!!

Chapter 60

The End


Jazzy and Christian trailed behind us as we pulled up to Jenna's house. I remembered her house so much from when we were kids. I remember graduation day at her house. She made me laugh the entire time. She's always making someone laugh. I smelled the hotdogs and hamburgers from the car. We turned the car off. I got out of the car and went around and grabbed Jayden's car seat and his diaper bag. Justin grabbed Alex's car seat and her diaper bag. Christian, Jazzy, and Nichole were already out of the car and waiting for us at the door. Christian rung the doorbell and the door imediately opened it. "How goes it my peoples!!!!!!!" she yelled. I smiled and hugged her. As did Jazzy. We walked in and our old friends Dimitra (her nickname is meet meet), Diamond (her nickname is die die lol), Jake (Jake-a-wake), Ryan, Chaz, Jordan (Jordie poo), William (Willow and Willzzz), and Beth (Betherino) yelled a big "AYYYEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". I laughed and sat down Jayden in the middle of the living room floor. Alexandria was sat next to him. Nichole was sent up stairs to play with Jenna's son and daughter. I started to sit next to Justin, when i was pulled on his lap. I laughed and he pulled me into him closer. "WWWWWOOOOOTTTT GET IT!!" Meet meet and Die die said. (Note: These are my bestfriends in real life and they're weird nicknames) I laughed and put my arm around him.

"Ayo ayo SHUT THE FVCK UP!!!!!!!!" Jenna yelled. "My sister had a baby. Yall have to get quiet. In a few minutes we're gunna take this party outside. No jordan there's no we3d, coke, dope, beer, or anything that will get you high or drunk" Jenna said pointing to Jordan.

"Danget!" Jordan said.

"We're going to have the lovely couple speak at dinner" Jenna said. "Aight i'm going upstairs with the girls. _____________, Betherino, Jazzy, Meet Meet, and Die die lets do it!".

I kissed Justin and jumped up and grabbed Alex and Jayden. "Babe why are you taking them. I have to show off my son" Justin said.

"I'll bring them back okay" i said. I rolled my eyes and then carried them up the stairs. We went to the bonus room that was across from the play room where Nichole was. We talked and gossipped and had a good time. I figured out that Willz was seeing a guy and i was happy that he's finally no longer lonely; Jordan was still searching; and Beth had found a lovely girlfriend to be happy with. It was time to eat.

I went down stairs and went outside to the backyard. "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera was on. I sat down at the picnic table with my friends. We held hands and said grace. Before we took a sip of half a glass of Moscato, Justin and I wanted to make a toast. "From college, to fame, to marrige, to kids. I've had my family with me the whole time. My family are all of you right here. Through happiness and pain, you guys have always been there for me and i thank you for that. But, these years have been the best years of my life" i began to cry. "And i just want you to know that I love you. I love you all so so much and thank you for being there for me. Just always be there for Nichole, Jayden, and Alexandria" i stopped i couldn't say anything else.

"Along with what my baby said. Thank you for taking care of her before i could give her a chance to give her my heart and for her to give me hers. I promised since the first dday i met her... that i would always love her and take good care of her heart and that's exactly what im going to always do. I love you _________ ___________ ___________ and i always will"

I looked up and ralized i wasn't the only person crying. "I love you Justin Drew Bieber".........


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