BulletProof- Justin Bieber

Surprise surprise my loves. I just got some AMAZING inspiration!!! From my friend Jessica. So AWESOMENESS to her. This is dedicated to Jacob_Perez_Loves_ME, Jessica, and Purplepandas. Oh and this is a continuation of Girl Cronicles.. Just to let you know i seriously messed up the story. DO NOT FORGET TO COMMENT AND RATE EVERYTIME YOU READ!!!!

Chapter 3


My P.O.V

I woke up in and out of sleep. After a full week of constantly sneaking out to Justin's room i stopped eating. I gained 15 pounds over the summer and i lost 20 being in the hospital. My mind was always focused on Justin and watching that Selena girl. My mom kept coming to my room dropping off homework and projects from school. I only ignored them and kept sleeping, keeping Justin on my mind, and what happened a week and a half ago. I did figure out why i've been in the hospital so long. "The Accident" caused me to get a brain tumor wich is why i lost all memory 5 min before and after and why i couldn't walk or talk for a while. Guess i learned on my own. They said that i am lucky because if they hadn't removed the tumor i would've died.

This time was a time for me to redeem myself. And i've somewhat realized that Justin's in a coma. I just can't believe it. It was 3:34pm it was time for me to go visit Justin for the last time today. I began to get up and stuff pillows in my bed to make it seem that i'm still asleep. I put my phone on under it to make that beep sound the heart monitor makes. I walked to Justin's room.

Selena P.O.V

I sat and listened to the door. Here's my plan. I'm gunna pretend to kiss Justin and when she walks in and cathces us "kissing" she's gunna be mad. Possibly break up with him, i'm not sure what she'll do. But he'll be all sad and i'll be his shoulder to cry on. And we'll be happily ever after. Sounds absolutely perfect. I hear foot steps coming to the door closer and closer. I ran to the corner of the room and hid from her.

Justin's P.O.V

My eyes are still closed, i still can't move, and still can't talk. I hear _______ footsteps coming to the door for her annual visit. I was anxious hoping that i would wake, so i could tell __________ what Selena was planning to do. I felt my fiance's presence in the room. I felt her warmth and happiness to see me. I felt her soft lips on my cheek giving me a kiss to let me know she's here. I smiled inside happy to feel my fiance's lips.

After a few minutes of her sitting and watching and Selena hiding, She went to pee. At the slam of the bathroom door the black started to turn red (kind of like if you close your eyes and light flashes in your eyes and everything turns red). I was finally beginning to open my eyes.

Selena P.O.V

I smiled when Justin's eyes began to open right on time. He looked up at me and glared. "Where's _______ you evil witch!!" he whispered to me.

"Aaaawww no need to be so mean. I did save you" This wasn't apart of my plan but hey it could work.

"What are you talking about she visits me everyday. I know it's her" he said.

"No it's been me the whole time. She left a long time ago. Justin she doesn't love you i do" i said. He stared at me in disbelief. He smiled at me and the door opened and SHE was standing in the doorway. I quickly kissed him and made it seem like he kissed me. "JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe you would kiss me. You are gunna get married!!!!!" i shouted. I grabbed my stuff and took off for the door. On my way out i felt a hard tug and i fell to the ground.

My P.O.V

"Where the hell do you think you're going!! You can't kiss my future husband and get away with it!!! Hell nah!!!" i yelled at her. She lifted her head off the ground and stared at me. "Yeah trick i'm known to beat a trick if i need too. Now does anyone want to explain to me what was going on here!!" No one answered. Here me and Justin go again with not saying anything. "Alright Justin. I know you. Tell me what happened if you don't..... Just tell me what you did" i said to him. He sat there and continued to look away from me. Tears began to well up in my face. I turned to Selena who was trying to sneak out the door. I grabbed her, spun her around, and slammed her into the wall.

"YOU LISTEN AND YOU LISTEN GOOD!!!! YOU CAN'T TAKE HIS HEART AWAY FROM ME!!!! YOU MAY HAVE RUINED THE MARRIGE, BUT U CAN'T TAKE THE FEELING OF ME WANTING TO WOOP YOUR BEHIND UP AND DOWN THIS ROOM!!!!!!" I swung and punched her in the face. Her face hit the wall and she slid to the floor. Justin jumped up snatching the needles out of his arm and blood going every where. He pressed it down with a tee shirt in the corner. I was on top of her slamming her head in to the floor. I picked her up by her hair.......

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