BulletProof- Justin Bieber

Surprise surprise my loves. I just got some AMAZING inspiration!!! From my friend Jessica. So AWESOMENESS to her. This is dedicated to Jacob_Perez_Loves_ME, Jessica, and Purplepandas. Oh and this is a continuation of Girl Cronicles.. Just to let you know i seriously messed up the story. DO NOT FORGET TO COMMENT AND RATE EVERYTIME YOU READ!!!!

Chapter 2

You're lying

.... A bunch of people stood behind Jazzy. I stared at them all, eyes wide. They were going to force me to get back in bed. "NNOOO!!!!" I finally was able to say. I backed up against the wall "you can't take me from Justin i want to be the first person he sees!!!" i said voice cracking. The nurses came over to me. They lifted me in the air i was kicking and screaming. "WAIT!!! that's my fiance and i don't trust that girl Selena if i leave she leaves and can NOT come back!!" i said. They carried me out the room and escorted Selena out. The nurse threw me on the bed and tied me down to the bed and out my gown back on and stuck the needles in my arms. My family was sitting there staring at me in horror. "What the hell are you looking at??" i yelled at them. "Honey you are sick you need to have brain surgery tonight. And Justin is in a coma, but he'll be fine. We don't know when he'll wake okay" my mom said to me. I shook my head he's NOT in a coma i continued to think. They were all lying in my face. Staring at me like i'm crazy. I'm not i just want to see MY future husband what the hell is wrong with that.

How could my bulletproof Justin ever be in a coma. It's impossible. He's always been my protector he can't stop now. I shook my head "No he is not" i said. My mom jumped on the bed and grabbed my arms and shook me. "Yes he is!! You need to relax---" my mom said.

"NOOO!!! I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT JUSTIN COULD EVER HAVE ANYTHING WRONG WITH HIM. MY BULLETPROOF JUSTIN CAN'T!!!!!! YOU ARE ALL LIARS!!!!!!" i yelled at the people in the room. I sobbed deep down i knew he was in a coma, but my heart refused to believe it.

Justin's P.O.V

I kept hearing _______ screaming at people and crying. And people telling her that i'm in a coma. How can i be in a coma and i can hear her. I wanted to run and comfort her, but i couldn't move. I couldn't even open my eyes. How could i possibly be in a coma. But where am i?? I thought back to i don't know how many nights ago.... All i remember was coming from the OBGYN and a miscarrige. Me and ____ were in the car on the way hom and she kept blaming something on herself. But, what?? I grabbed her in the middle of driving and an extremely bright light shone into my eyes. That's all i can remember. I'm so confused.

Selena P.O.V

I snuck back into Justin's room. How could he love someone else?? I love him and i thought he loved me. I left him for a while to think i didn't mean that i wasn't coming back for him. I stared at Justin smiling at my angel. He always has been beautiful sleeping. I looked over onto a chair in the corner of the room. There was a bag stuffed with clothes and Justin's iPhone. I walked over to it and picked it up. I tried to find games, but instead i found his notes. I looked back at the sleeping beauty. He would never see that i read it. I read his notes. Reading and reading my eyes got wider and wider.

HE GOT HER PREGNANT, THEY LOST IT TOGETHER, THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED, AND HE MET HIS MOM!!!!!! Are you kidding me!! I wanted to do all of these. What's so special about her?? I mean she does have pretty dark brown curly/wavy/straight (in real life my hair is all of these at once and so is the girl in the story) hair, a pretty smile, pretty brown eyes, and she has a cute New York accent; but that doesn't mean anything. How could he be inlove with her. I wanted all of these things. I wanted to be with him. And i'm gunna get him back.....

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