BulletProof- Justin Bieber

Surprise surprise my loves. I just got some AMAZING inspiration!!! From my friend Jessica. So AWESOMENESS to her. This is dedicated to Jacob_Perez_Loves_ME, Jessica, and Purplepandas. Oh and this is a continuation of Girl Cronicles.. Just to let you know i seriously messed up the story. DO NOT FORGET TO COMMENT AND RATE EVERYTIME YOU READ!!!!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

I woke up days later with a jolt. I looked around to see my mom, dad, sister, two brothers, step mom, step dad, and Jazzy. But... I didn't see Justin. Where could he be!! I looked every where he wasn't where he always is. By my side holding my hand. I opened my mouth to ask what happened and why i was in the hospital in the first place. I couldn't remember why i was there. But for some strange reason i couldn't speak!! My throat was dry and my eyes were swollen. There was gause tissues wrapped around my head and a cast on my leg. There were a million needles shoved into my arm.

"Hey sweetie are you okay?? U probably can't talk. The doctor said that you won't be able to talk for a while so here's a pad and pen when you want to say something" my mom said.

I jumped up in excitement reaching for the pen and paper. I began to write imediately Where's Justin??

"He's in the room next to you" Jazzy said.

Why am i here??

"You don't remember??" My dad said.

No i want to see Justin. How is he??

"I think she should remember" My mom said.

How's Justin??

"She should remember let's ask the doctor" my brother asked.

I started banging on the sides of the bed and yelled out a high pitched off key scream No one is answering me!!! How is he!!??

"Who's gunna tell her" My sister whispered. Next to me i could hear my heart monitor beeping faster and faster. I started jumping to conclusions. Is he dead?? Does he have memory loss?? Is he paralyzed?? Oh my god what if he doesn't remember his feelings for me??

"_____ Justin's in a coma" my dad said. My eyes got wide and tears welled up in my eyes. A tear coursed down my face. I felt like i was gunna die. I wanted to go see him. I started to get out of the bed and reached for the needle in my arm. The door burst open and the doctor came rushing and said "DO NOT take that out!!"

I NEED to go and comfort Justin!! i wrote down. The doctor looked up at me and shook her head.

"You are in critical condition and so is he. You have to learn to talk and walk all over again okay. Do to the car crash----" the doctor said.

"She doesn't remember the car crash" my mom through in.

"WHAT??!! oh no. She can't talk, walk, or remember that??---" the docor said.

I stopped listening all i could think about was my Justin. He has ALWAYS made me feel so safe and so secure. As if he was this big sheild that could protect me from anything. He's so Bulletproof. He seemed as if nothing could hurt him. And now he's in a coma. It couldn't be maybe i was dreaming maybe they were all lying to me. One by one everyone left leaving me flowers and giving me kisses. I smiled my pretend smile. Jazzy was the only person who knew what was up. She said "Don't you do what i know you're gunna do!!!" and left.

After an hour of people coming and going i knew everyone was gone and with the doctor. I cringed as i lifted myself up and unhooked the needles. Blood began to spirt everywhere and i pressed it down with the blanket. I changed into my outfit that was sitting in a duffle in the corner of the room. I brushed my hair dark brown hair into a ponytail. I know i seemed to get dolled up in a hospital, but had to be ready to see Justin. I walked over and went next door to Justin's room.

I opened the door and saw Justin laying down in the bed with his eyes closed. He's asleep i thought. I walked closer and saw this girl sitting next to him holding his hand. It wasn't anyone i knew. I wanted to talk, but i couldn't. "I'm sorry mam i think you've got the wrong room" the woman said. I shook my head. "No sweetie you have the wrong room" i thought. "uuuhh eeerrr umm... Est-ce que tu parles anglais??" the woman said. I turned my head to the side liike Huh? The woman rolled her eyes and tried "habla usted Ingles?" i nodded my head. Having a mainly hispanic backround i understood exactly what she said.

"Then how come you cannot speak??" the woman said.

I pointed to the room next door and tried to describe me being a patient. She made horrible guesses. I made a charade saying pen and paper and she amazingly got it off the back. I wrote down I am a patient staying next door. Something happened between me and that patient sleeping and somehow we ended up here. Whatever happened ended with me not knowing how to speak and i barely know how to walk with this cast. Who are you and why were you holding his hand??

"Oh um.. I heard that he was in a car crash, but i guess you too; and i'm his ex Selena. Who are you??" she said.

His Girlfriend!! WHY ARE YOU HOLDING MY FIANCE'S HAND!!!!!! I wrote with anger. Her eyes got wide and her mouth dropped.

"You mean ur future hu-hu-husband??" Selena said. I put my hands on my hands on my hips and nodded my head. I pointed at her seat and pointed to the other chair across the room. I went over to Justin and shook him. "Wake up i thought". He wouldn't move. Maybe he didn't want to wake up. I kissed his lips and he still didn't move. My concious said "he IS in a coma". But i ignored it and sat down. I held his hand and stared at Justin.

I could see out of the corner of my eye Selena staring at me still in disbelief. "If you can't talk, walk, remember the car crash, and you have gause tissues around your head. Why are you in here??" Selena said.

Jazzy burst through the doors. "There you are!!?? ___ you need to go back to your room now!!" I shook my head. "______ you need to now!! Justin is in a coma and he's fine!!" i shook my head. I reached for the pen and paper, but Jazzy took it. "I'm your bestfriend you don't need to write anything. I know u said 'he's not in a coma i just wanna b the first person he sees when he wakes up from sleeping' But i'm telling you _____ he's in a coma suffering from a head injury, a broken arm and pelvic bone, and he lost a lot of blood. He'll be okay"......

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