This love is a sure thing

A wincest love saga (I based deans character off of the old rapper bubba sparxxx)

Chapter 1

Conversation with Daniel

by: babyshady
Dean went over his freind danieles house. He arrived at the door and sat down to talk to her. Daniele looked at a man who was usually hard faced and stoic but he looked like he was in love. Daniele said:"somebody is having a good day. Is it Sam? Your in love with your brother Sam!" Dean looked suprised and said :"dani how in the hell you know that! You don't know sugar honey iced tea about love!" daniele said: "I know but you wanna know how ya know he's right for ya, in seventeen magazine I read a article that if your hands fit perfectly around sams hips your meant to be." dean cocked a eyebrow and said:"like a one night stand, a flame or lovers?" daniele said:" just let me tell you , you won't need any condoms anymore, cuz there won't be no one else."


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