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Hey Yeah I know I already have the force as another story but I wanted to make it single authored and have it all in one place so here it is!
'This story does not belong to anybody else. It is not the property of anyone but Me, Kaylie Krisitin Dority and Jordan Riley Bell, and it is not owned by any business, website, individual, or group other than I. Quibblo does not own any material or rights. All rights reserves to Kaylie Kristin Dority and Jordan Riley Bell.

Chapter 1

Jakes POV

I woke up and saw i had a text from Brandon. We had been friends since we were little so we knew almost everything about each other. I looked at the text and it said 'Hey Jake meet me at my school once yours gets out we are gonna walk around tell the b-ball game starts maybe we will find you a girlfriend.' i text him back and told him i would be there. Then i took a shower and got dressed and put a penny in my pocket for luck. I grabbed my backpack and went out to wait on the bus. The bus ride was ok but none of my friends were on so i grabbed my ipod and listened to some music. My school didnt care if you listened to music during class or text-ed as long at yo passed the teachers let you do whatever you wanted to. Most of the time i would text brandon and some of the other people we hung out with but today was different it was talent show day so i had to practice my guitar. Once i got to my first period class i looked over my music. I wrote the song my self so i was nervous about singing it in front of the whole school. I played my guitar and sang a little of the song. When i heard someone clear there throat. I looked up and i saw Kristin. She had been following me around since the beginning of the year. She was so annoying but Brandon didnt see that he thought she was cute and that i should ask her out. He was completely wrong. "Hey Jakey" she said in that high pitched voice of hers "Hey Kristin i thought i told you not to call me Jakey" I said. "O sorry its a habit. I love that song. Whos it written by?" she asked. "Me" i replied hoping if i ignored her she would go away. "Thats amazing. Hey you wanna go catch a movie with me and my friends after school today?" She asked. "Cant i got over plans." I replied and started to walk away but she jumped in front of me. "Who with?" She asked. Thats it i have been holding it in since the beginning of the year i couldnt handle it anymore this girl needed to know i didnt like her. "I dont see how its any of yo business. Your not my girlfriend and will never be. I dont like you that way." i yelled. I felt bad but she didnt even seem to hear me. All she did was walk away and start talking to one of her friends. That went well i thought. Then i heard "Everyone in the talent show report to the gym so you can get your stuff ready. And teachers make sure that if someone in the talent show is listening to music that you tell them to head up here" the principal said over the intercom.I put my guitar back in its case and grabbed my music and bags. Then I headed to the gym. I saw my friend Dylan and went over to talk to him. "Hey" i said "Hey heard about you exploding at Kristin" he said "how did you know?" i asked. "Got a text from her friend Kelly" "News Travels fast around here" i stated. A few minutes later it was time to actually preform. I grabbed my music and guitar and went out on stage. Before i sang i said "hey Im Jake and this is a little song i wrote." Then i sat down and sang. Once i went back behind stage and waited for everyone to be done. "Now we shall annouce the winner" the principal said. Opening an evenlope. "And the winner is Jake Bieber." Yeah now i know what your OMG he is related to Justin Bieber. I am but not happy about it. I mean he was a great cousin but all the girls only wanted to date me to meet him so i had to be very careful who i told my last name to. Now the whole school knew so this wouldnt be good. I walked out on stage and everyone looked at me like i was the greatest person on earth either that or they were about to run up and ask me to get my cousins autograph. I got the trophy and walked off stage. I couldnt handle everyone to no that i was related to him. Then i happened. I was ambushed by a mob of girls. "Get me his autograph plz." One of them said. "Go away" I yelled as i pushed through the crowd.

"Dude you never told me you were related to Justin Bieber." Dylan said running up to me. "Yeah i kinda like to keep it a secret i never thought the principal would say my last name out loud to the whole school. ugh im so stupid." I said frustrated with myself."Hey look on the bright side. you won the talent show were as I only got 2nd place." Dylan said trying to cheer me up but it wasnt working. Then my phone went off it was Brandon.

Text convo

Brandon- Hey dude how did the talent show go?
Jake-Great i got first place....
Brandon-Thats great but whats wrong bro i can tell that something is wrong so dont try to lie to me
Jake-Everyone at the school found out i was related to justin bieber ugh
Brandon-Dont worry bro everything will be fine ill ttyl gtg bye and good luck
Jake-Thanks im gonna need it. bye see you at the b-ball game

End text convo

Right after i put my phone up my mom ran up to me. She looked worried. "are you okay i know you didnt want ppl to no that you were related to him" she asked "yeah mom" i said "Ok just checking. fyi Justin is coming over tonight. He wanted to come to the talent show and watch you perform but he wasnt able to." she stated. "Ok but me and brandon are going to the basketball game." i told her. "Well he will come with y'all then and he will wear a disguise so dont worry." She said. "Fine but if we get mobed im gonna be mad." I said grabbing my stuff and headed to the car. I sat down and picked up the song i had been writing. It needed some work but i was nearly finished. I heard someone climb into the seat behind me and when i turned around i saw it was my cousin Justin "Hey." I said "Hey heard about the talent show. So you won 1st place huh?" he asked. "Yep." "Look im sorry that everyone found out you were related to me" Justin said. "Dude its not your fault. Actually it was good to get it off my chest." i told him and i wasnt a lie i mean i may not like that now i would have to be careful about the girls i date but hey now everyone knows the truth. Up tell now everyone but Brandon and the teachers thought my last name was Bradly. I guess they forgot to tell the judges to write down Bradly not Bieber. "Really? well im glad that your not mad at me." Justin said "yeah your coming to the b-ball game right?" I asked. "Of course. Maybe me and your friend can find you a cheerleader to date." Justin said. he always had the same ideas as Brandon. They meet once before and became friends. "Yeah maybe" i replied. We arrived at my house and got changed.

I showed Justin to his room and he put up his stuff. "You ready to go?" I asked. "Of course" Justin said and we got in his car and drove to Brandon's school.

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