Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story)

a decided to make a Draco malfoy love story!!!!! comment and rate if you want...i cant force you but it would be nice...if you have any ideas just send me a email or post them as a comment i like to improve on my work so please help me if you could!!!

Chapter 1

Eyes the color of steel

i slid my hand over the thin silk in my hands.the only thing i have left of my home.its purple surface shimmered in the evening suns rays that angled in through the window.i sighed and tucked it back in my pocket.the train rolled along gently seeming to lull me to sleep.why was i being moved to this school anyway?i mean i understand that my parents died and i had to come live with my aunt but why couldn't i stay at my old school?
i stared through the window looking at my green eyes reflection in it.both of my parents were killed by death eaters.


it was a cold and dismal night as i headed back from pranking some muggles with my friends.i was still laughing at the way that kids face looked when i tripped him and no one was there.i turned the corner on fifth street and headed inside the lobby of our apartment.the only reason we lived in such a grand apartment in New York was because my father was a musician and my mother a artist.i started the long climb to the top floor were we lived.i stepped out into the empty hallway and opened my front door.
the scent of cinnamon hit my nose and i sighed and jumped on the couch.i peeled off my jacket and my mother walked into the living room holding a plate with cinnamon rolls.she almost dropped the plate when she saw my feet on the chair.i rolled my eyes.
"Anastasia"my mother warned.i pulled my feet off the couch.a jet of green light came through the window and i screamed as itr hit my mother.she collapsed on the floor dead.hooded figures came through the front door and in through the window.i was sobbing when my father ran in.his glasses sideways on his head.another bolt of light and he collapsed but not before he yelled "run!"i bolted down the stairs two at a time and ran for my life.


i remember that brought on a new draught of terror and hoplesness in aunt had offered to take me in but that meant a new school and new home.i had taken her up on the offer,i mean what did i have to i sat in this lonely seat on a train bound for a new school for wizarding and witchcraft not knowing anyone or anything about the place.
someone slid the door open but i didn't bother to look."ummm hello do you mind if i sit here?" a girls voice whispered.i looked up at a girl with curly brown hair.she had a kind face and a arm full of books.i nodded and she sat across from me."sorry for intruding but the harry and Ron were not letting me read in peace so i decided to take a break from them"she said shyly.i smiled a bit forcefully."oh its ok "she smiled warmly back.maybe i could make friends i thought.she shifted in her seat."your new here aren't you?"i nodded and she explained."well they are going to sort you into a in gryfindor and so are my friends.i would hope you get into it to because you seem like a very nice person."she said."yes my aunt explained as much"i said."would you like to come sit with everyone else?"i shifted nervously.i wasn't really a people person but if it meant new friends then i better should.she stood up and i followed her out.i followed her down the long hallway and stopped when i felt a gaze on me.i turned to my right glancing in a cart.
a boy with pale skin and even paler hair sat with four other kids.his steely gray eyes seemed to penetrate inside of unsettled me and i hurriedly caught up with the girl."by the way my name is Hermione"she said.i smiled and said my name is "Anastasia".we stopped at a cart full of kids.we slid open the door and stepped inside."this is Anastasia"Hermione explained.both boys waved towards me.i waved with green eyes like me stared at me for a while.his eyes were almost identical to mine but not as bright and shocking.i ran my hand nervously through my wavy black hair. Hermione motioned me to sit next to her.
i sat down and listened for the rest of the ride while they explained to me everything about hogwarts.


the train whistled and i stood robe felt heavy on me and i felt harry touch my arm,thats what his name was Hermione told me."il show you how we get to the castle.we got to the castle in a carriage pulled by leathery creatures with wings.i stared intensely at them as we got out.
"umm harry do you see those creatures?"i said a bit shyly i didn't want him to think i was crazy the first day i met him.
his eyes widened and i cursed under my breath.yup he thought i was crazy."yes i do but only people who have seen death can see them."he said.he looked at me with new respect and i let out a breath of relief.yes, i wasn't officially crazy.
we headed inside with the rest of the students and someone bumped my arm.
"watch it"i said and turned to see who it was.i was staring into those steely eyes again and i turned away quickly bumping into harry.he let out a grunt of surprise and when he seen the boy behind me his expression darkened.

"get away malfoy"said malfoy was his name,how odd.the blonde boy sneered at him"well,well if it isn't potter go run back to your daddy.oh wait,hes dead."he started to laugh and so did the kids behind him.harry got red and i stomped towards the killed called malfoy.
something about him made my insides twist like they hadn't before but i stepped up to him looking into his eyes."dont you EVER talk to harry that way."i said seething.he stepped back surprised than smirked."your new.why dont you join my group not with those filthy mud blood lovers"he said.i snarled at him and turned on my heel following Hermione inside.


every one was sitting at tables in a long dining hall.i stood small and alone at the end near the doors.a table with silver and green occupied malfoy and his goons.a table of gold and maroon held my friends.a man in a long robe beckoned me to the front.i walked up shyly and noticed everyone staring.i raised my head proudly and sat on a stool in front of the headmaster.he placed a hat on my head and i flinched when it started to talk.
"hmmmmm......where should i put you?let me think...cunning and decisive,yet golden hearted.your dark side rules over so no gryffindor then let it be slytherin!"it said.i looked around puzzled and noticed the whole green and silver table hooting and calling out.
the headmaster took the hat away and motioned the down and sad gryffindor table and slytherin table to silence.
"let our new student Anastasia knight have a warm welcoming"he said.there was clapping and i hurried down the stairs to the slytherin i was cunning and decisive yet golden hearted?i learned three things about myself today.
the only spot left was next to malfoy.i pursed my lips and sat down next to him.
"so it seemed like you have decided to join us knight"he said smirking.i glared at him.
he smiled and i looked across the table at a girl who was glaring at me.i noted to myself dont talk to her and gave her a cold stare before turning away.


after the dinner Draco asked to show me to our dorm.i hissed through my teeth it was fine and now we were walking through the long corridor."where are you from you have a bit of a different accent?"he said.i shook my head amused."New York"i said.he looked at me surprised."america?"he duh i wanted to say but instead just nodded.
he stopped so i stopped also."well im Draco"he whispered.his lips, the color well i should say lack of color in his eyes,sent shivers down my spine.he caught my look and smiled devilishly.i blushed."girls have a thing for me ya know"he blush vanished.and i turned to walk away.he was just a stuck up pretty boy.
i felt his arms turn me around and then his lips were on mine soft and sweet.shocked at first i didn't respond then i pulled away.he stared at me confuse his gaze misty then he shook his head and said follow me.


we made it to the dorm and i admired the plush green velvet room adorned with black couches and drapes.
"Draco!" squealed a voice behind me.i turned to the girl who was glaring at me during dinner.her eyes flicked to me and her gaze hardened."who is this?"she said.i cleared my throat and said."im Anastasia and look i already know you dont like me but who fvking cares and by the way i dont want your precious Draco"i said.they both looked at me surprised and i smiled."now i know why you in slytherin"he said.i snorted and turned as a voice sounded in my ear........


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