How to annoy...

Chapter 3


turn the death eater robes pink

at a death eater meeting say stuff like "but your plans never even work"

buy him a wig

ask him why hes bald

mock his baldnes

read him bed time stories so he wont have "nightmares"

ask him to marry you, when he says no cry and hug him until he says fine he will if you'll stop

for his birthday, get him keys to the playboy mansion, tell him its camp full of weapons watch him run into it and laugh when you see his face

dress up as harry potter and pretend to kill him

say got your nose

break his wand and blame it on Lucius Malfoy

Tell him to take a chill pill

tell him that you think his necklace is pretty

ask him why he is such a loser

call him voldie

turn him into the police and visit him in jail

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