There's a thin line between love and hate....your just on the wrong side of it! (young Sirius black)

I have written a Sirius story before but I had a better idea and decided to write another one!! I am working on my Remus one which I am writting with one of my friends so it will be up soon!! I hope you like the story and your name is Georgia Potter!! recognise the name?.....yeah, your James' sister!! good luck! I hope you enjoy the story and please can you comment because I want to know what you think so I can carry on!! message me if you want to and you can also add me as a friend if you want.

Chapter 1

the letter

it was my eleventh birthday and I was sitting in the kitchen eating cereal while my dad read the paper and my mother attempted to wake up my brother. After a while I realized that my mother needed some help so I went upstairs and walked into my brothers room. "do you want me to wake him mum?" I asked and she looked relieved. "thanks sweetie!" she said and walked down stairs. it may sound weird but I'm really close to my brother. he was like my best friend and I could tell him anything. he was really protective of me and he was always the one to make me laugh when I was upset. I walked over to his bed. I smiled at his sleeping face, he looked so peaceful, so much different from when he was awake. I laughed slightly to myself and whipped the sheets from underneath him. he rolled onto the floor with a very loud thump. his head popped up from the other side of the bed and he turned to me while I laughed at him. "do you have to do that every morning George?" he asked. (nearly everybody calls me George for short) "yes, I do!" I answered with a smile. he rolled his eyes at me and laughed. "although, by now you'd think yu'd have learnt to wear pj's to bed by now!" I said pointing at his boxers. "and you'd think that you'd have learnt that I don't care by now!" he said back. "is that the best you can do?" I asked and he shook his head while smiling. "well come on! I've already done you a bowl of cereal!" I said pulling him off the floor. "which ones?" he asked and I smiled. "sugar puffs! your favorite!" I said and he gave me a hug. "thanks sis! you truly are the best!" he said with a smile. "I know!" I said and we walked down the stairs laughing. we ran into the kitchen and were greeted by my mother and father smiling really widely at me. "what?" I asked confused. "this just came for you!" said my mum holding out a letter. I took the letter and opened it.

Dear miss Potter
we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. also enclosed you will find a list of objects that you will need for the school year and your train ticket. we hope to see you on the first of September.
best wishes
Albus Dumbledore

I squealed jumping up and down in excitement. "James! I'm going! I'm finally going to Hogwarts!" I screamed and he smiled at me. he ran over and picked me up in a spinning hug. "well done sis! I knew you were going to get in!" he said smiling and putting me down. "oh wait! now there's gonna be someone there cooler than me!" James said with a look of fake hurt. "aww! thanks James!" I said kissing him on the cheek. (in a total brother, sister way obviously) The next day I was going to go to Diagon Alley with my mother and James. I was so excited!

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