Little C, That's Me! (girls only)(part 7)(a CB love story) READ INTRO

5 commetns please and ideas are appreciated!! thanks for reading and comment!!!
~~ Kat :D
p.s. i know the timeline doesnt fit with the KCA's (in the story) but oh well! message me if you want to be in the story!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

splishy splashy, News?? what news?, shotoshoots with hot guys, and ice cream with Chris!

when he wrapped his arms around my waist and threw me in the pool. i screamed until i hit the water. then, since im a champion breath holder, i sat there for almost a minute until chris squat down by the edge to see if i was alive. when i popped up and scared him so bad that he fell in the pool! it was just supposed to scare him not make him fall in! but oh well. he lookeds good wet....woah! weird thought. we ended up having a full out water war for like 20 minutes. gosh i love him. we are like perfect for eachother. if only he could see that. We got out of the pool and went inside. I showered and came back downstairs. I had a photoshoot to get to. Justin was dropping me off and Chris was picking me up. Chris and I were going to walk home. I was wearing for my photoshoot. It was hot but not too hot. I got to the photoshoot and there were hot boys everywhere!!! I even got pictures with some of them. They all wanted autographs and pictures and kisses. So I gave the each an autograph on the biceps and a kiss on the cheek and a picture of me kissing there cheeks. The ci noticed Chris. We was leaning against a wall. Arms crossed and one leg up just watching me. I said goodbye to the boys since I was done with shoot and walked over to him. "hey" I said. "hey. Wanna get some ice cream?" he asked. I smiled, even though I know he wasn't asking me out, it still felt like he actually was. So I agreed and we went to a nearby ice cream shop. We sat outside by a beautiful fountain. A few people recognized us but it was nothing huge, thank goodness. "you have something on your face" Chris said. "where?" I asked. "there" he said and shoved the ice cream cone at my cheek and drew it across my face. "oh my gosh. That's okay we are even now!" I said as I drew my ice cream cone up and done the center of his face making him look like a reverse skunk. We laughed and laughed for almost 10 minutes. I wiped all the ice cream off my face. I turned to Chris and he just looked at mentor a second. "you have some on your cheek." he said and took a napkin and wiped it. He was really close to me. He leaned in...closer....and closer...until....

Sorry it's so short I'm writing on my iPod and I really wanna to get this out but I'm exhausted.
preview to next chapter: KCA's what Chris does, and the news (I know it was supposed to be this one but I figured that I should and make you keep wondering what the news was) so ya 5 comments and you guys rock :)


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