Blood and Fire (Draco Malfoy Love Story) 2

Yeah so here's the next one cuz I got 4 really awesome comments last time. I'm normally not one for bad things to happen in stories so I can't think of what could happen. But I would like it if you guys could help and give some ideas! sorry to ask.
P.S sorry if the formatting or words r weird. Quibblo is being weird

Chapter 1

Guess Who???

“Who is it!” I sit up from my bed and look toward the door. All I get is another patient knock. I sigh and mentally scold whoever’s at the door. I open it and in slithers a paper snake. It moves and somehow makes its way up my bed and stops on my pillow. I shrug and turn to close the door until a paper owl flies past my head. I give a short scream and duck. Act like a slytherin! I straighten my hair out and close my door.

I turn to my bed and see the stupid animals fighting! I sigh and slap them. I decide that the owl would be more interesting and I ask it what it wants. It looks at me like im crazy and just stands there. I open my hand out to it and it hops into my hand and turns into a folded piece of paper. The note reads:

Guess who. Wait it will take you to long. It’s pretty much everyone. Me, George, Hermione, Ron, and Harry. We wanted to see if you were doing anything special tomorrow.
Love, The whole group of people
P.S Yes I know I could have said “friends” but I didn’t feel like it. -Fred

I smiled and put the note on my nightstand and turned to the snake. It hissed at me and I shrank back. I reached for him and he bit me! I slapped it again and finally it obeyed me and slithered into my hand. This note was shaped as a heart.

Dear Rain,
I know you don’t know who this is but I love you. I was thinking this could be fun. I mean I’m going to give you clues to who I am and if you don’t get it by the end of the year you have to date me for a week. If you agree send this note back.

I looked at the note curiously and put it back on my pillow it turned into a snake again and looked at me. I thought about what the note had said and decided what the heck. I told the snake to go back and he bowed his head. I sighed and laid back down. There came a new knock on the door I grumbled and went to answer it.

“Uh, hey Rain. Do you need me to come back another time.” It was Draco and Blaise.

I gave myself a once over and remembered I was wearing a lace tank and blue shorts. “No, you don’t have to just... give me one second. You can come in if you want.” I left the door open as I walked to my closet. I pulled on a baby tee and turned around.

“So what’s up guys?”

“We just came to say hey. Blaise would shut up about being bored and I almost slapped him.”

I giggled and sat between them I started thinking about how Blaise really felt about me. What if Blaise was the one who sent the snake? I shrugged the thought off. Pounding started to sound off my door and I jumped a foot in the air. They laughed but didn’t make a move to get the door. I hit them and Pansy burst in.

“Great I didn’t even have to get the door.” I said rolling my eyes. Pany was fuming...TBC


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