One Night Stand (14+)

Chapter 1

A touch of Lust

by: Anita2332
A one night stand. This was not like me, but I wanted it. I needed it.

He guided me to his room, his hand never leaving mine. He kept looking back at me, as if to check I was still following. The heat from his eyes scorched my skin, the bareness between my v-neck top, prickled in anticipation. Shivers danced through my legs, I had to bite my lip to concentrate. My eyes took in his perfect body, climbing the stairs in front of me, I longed to touch every inch of it. Pull the clothes from his body, have him tear into mine.

We reached his door, he pulled me inside, pulling me straight to him, I could smell his skin tingling with lust. He leant me against the back of the door, looking straight into my eyes, pressing gently against me. There was no escape now. I felt like I waited an age... Then he kissed me.

His lips found mine, hot and moist, I pulled him to me wanting him closer, deeper. He broke away for a second, his hands pressed into my hips, his tongue flicked over my partially opened lips. I gasped for him. And I grabbed him to me again. Wanting flooded my body, heat raced over every inch of me, I needed to feel his bare skin against mine.

He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him, I traced the line of his neck with my lips, barely touching him, teasing. He groaned.

"If you're going to do that then, you have to let me have you now." His voice so deep, it vibrated through me.

I bit my lip again, giving him the smallest nod to tell him to continue. He put me onto the bed, my hands working down the buttons on his chest. He felt heavy on top of me, his shoulders broad and masculine. He began to kiss down my neck, my chest, unbuttoning my shirt as he went. His lips sent shivers up my spine every time they touched me. My breath was ragged, I forced him to remove his shirt, and started on the button of his trousers.

"Too slow" he said, braking away from me, and taking his trousers and his underwear off in one go.

He grinned at me, proud of himself. He had reason to be I noticed. He pounced.


I hadn't slept so well in ages.


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