Santana is the strongest vampire killer her Sect has ever produced, but when her brother mysteriously disapears, her skill and faith is put to the test.

Chapter 1

Dead Men Walking

by: Anita2332
I knew as soon as I walked into the bar, this had been a bad idea. Seriously, what was I thinking, just waltzing into a vampire bar without protection? Sure, I was perfectly capable of taking down one vamp by myself, but an entire bar full? I should have turned round and left at that moment, but I needed to find my brother, and someone here knew where he was. I could only hope no one here knew who I was.

I made my way over to the bar and hoisted myself up onto a tall bar stall. You'd think my 5 foot tall, slim body would be a disadvantage when fighting vampires, but it wasn't. Being small just made me faster, and harder to get hold of.

A vampire bar looks very much like any other human bar, and it smells just as strongly of beer and sweat. The lights are dim, the carpet is sticky and the clientele are all at various stages of drunkenness. This bar was no different, no human eye would see anything strange at all. Of course, I could spot a vampire a mile off, I was a supernatural too, of sorts.To me vampires were always surrounded in a kind of hazy blue light. To them, I looked as human as human can be; that's what predators do, they blend in.

The vamps used this bar as a meeting point mostly, but if a human were to haplessly wander in, they weren't adverse to picking up a little snack. My blood boiled at the thought, the disgusting filthy creatures, feeding off pain and suffering, sucking the life out of someone. Hate, was never a strong enough word for the way I felt about vampires.

The vamp behind the bar finally noticed me. He was very tall, lanky, with equally long black hair. He wore it loose, and it was almost down to his waste. He'd had his hands in blood resently, I could smell it on him. I made a conscious effort to keep my face neutral to keep the disgust from seeping out.

"You got ID?"
"Yep" I dutifully handed over my fake ID, in all fairness the age was right, I was 21, but I wasn't about to give him my real name.

"I'll have a scotch please" I said, as he checked out the ID, he wasn't going to find fault with it, it was flawless. The vamp handed back the ID with grunt. Whilst he busied himself with my drink, I got out the photo I had of my brother.

"You don't happen to have seen this man in here have you?" I said, placing the photograph on the bar so the bar-vamp could see. He looked at it vaguely as he put my drink down in front of me.

"Do you mind if I ask around?" I said smiling, despite his rudeness.
"Go ahead" Waving his hand dismissively, "Don't cause any trouble." He said with a cruel smirk. He clearly thought I was going to get into trouble no matter what I did. I'd been stupid enough to walk in here hadn't I?

I asked everyone in the bar, not even the slightest hint of recognition from anyone, even the few humans. I slumped into a corner seat, defeated. This had been my least lead. I had tracked my brother as far as here, someone had seen him entering. Someone here, one of these filthy vamps, must know something!

Just as I was about to burst into tears, or go on a massive killing spree, someone sat down opposite me. I looked up and looked into the most beautiful pair of blue eyes I'd ever seen. His smooth pale skin and dark wavy hair framed his face perfectly. My heart jumped and I let out a gasp at suddenly being confronted by such beauty. I was so enthralled by those eyes it took me a second to realise: It was a vamp. I looked away disgusted with myself, the aura is usually the first thing I notice about a vamp, not their eyes!

"I know" He said, so quietly I wasn't entirely sure I'd heard it. But before I had time to ask him to repeat himself he'd got up and was leaving. I sat for a moment, watching him leave, unsure what I was suppose to do next. He turned, giving me a pointed stare. Clearly I was meant to follow, so I downed my drink and followed.

It was only after we'd left the bar that I suddenly realised that I had no idea, what he 'knew". Did he really know where my brother was? Or did he know who I really was?

If it was the latter, I was in trouble.

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