Hot Flush

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: Anita2332
It's hot today, the sun is out and the workshop is sweltering. Ethan was there in front of me, bent over, working with his top off... How good would his chest feel if I were to run my hand over him.

NO. Stop. I give myself a shake to snap myself out of it. Honestly, the heat in here must be getting to me, that's the fourth time this morning I've had to reign in my imagination. What if he caught me? Staring at him like that, I'd be mortified. Clearly I needed a break from checking the accounts.

I get up and made my way to the tiny little kitchen at the back of the workshop.

"Can I get you anything?" I call to Ethan as I go.
"Glass of water'd be super, ta."

In the kitchen I flick on the kettle and pick up the paper. No idea why I'm making tea in this heat, habit I suppose. I scan the paper as I wait for the kettle to boil.

Front page: "Murderer Strikes Again: Two Killed." My heart sank as I remembered, my friend, Santana. The sight of her cold eyes flashed in my memory. I'd been in the bathroom when it happened, we'd had music on, I never heard a thing. He'd been and gone in less than five minutes. My stomach twisted into knots and I threw the paper down, I didn't want to be reminded.

"Aniya! Customer!" Ethan shouted from under his car.
"Coming" The tea would have to wait.

I went back into the workshop to find Jim stood in the door way, he was a tall lean man, pointy nose. He always wrinkled it when he came near me, as if he thought I smelt bad. Can't say I ever liked him much.

"Hi Jim, what can I do for you?"
"Oh... I've got a bit of tidying up to do." He said, coming through the door.
"So you'd like us to help?" I asked, wondering how on earth a car mechanics could help with cleaning.
"Yea... I should think you could help me a lot." He was standing next to the car Ethan was under.He leant on it gently, but the look he was giving me was making my skin crawl. I tried to smile, but it only fluttered across my face weakly.

"You're not scared of me are you miss?" He smirked at me, teasing.
"No. Of course not."

Then lots of things happened at once. His face changed, cold hatred spread across it and with no effort what so ever he push the car off it's base. Flattening Ethan underneath it.

Fear rocketed through me, every cell in my body was telling me to run. But he was blocking the door. I cowered against the wall, unsure of what to do.

"Scared of me now aren't you? You filthy shapeshifter, I always knew you smelt a bit off."

What?! He knew. How could he know? No one knew, not even my father. The old pain of neglect ripped through me, this awful man knew me better than my own dad. Anger seared through my blood, bringing my senses back. I began to edge towards the kitchen. Jim smirked, still moving slowly towards me, savouring the moment.

"There's no getting out back there, what are you going to do batter me to death with a tea spoon?" He laughed, loving his own joke. Then his tone changed.

"Filthy shapeshifters killed my wife, my daughter, now you will die."
"But I've never killed anyone!"
"LIAR! Your all the same." He lunged forward.

I stepped back into the kitchen. It was now or never. In one move I grabbed the kettle, flicked the lid and threw the contents into his face. The boiling water hit his face, he screamed. Fell back and covered his face. I ran for it. He lunged at me, caught my ankle. I crashed into the floor, pain pierced through my head, my eyes blurred. Fear spilled from my heart and engulfed me.

A crash behind me. This had to be it, death was behind me and I couldn't move.

I blacked out.

My head hurt like I'd used it as sledge hammer, I was on a cold floor, someone was licking my face.
What? Eww.. Someone was licking my face. I tried to roll away, but everything hurt. I looked up at the creature:

I blacked out again.

I was being carried in someone's arms, I could feel their warmth, their heart beating... Bare chest.

"Ethan?" my voice sounded distant.
"I'm taking you to the hospital, just hang in there sweetheart."

I let my head rest against his chest. I would hang in there, I had something to hang on to...

Ethan was a wolf. Ethan was a shapeshifter. Ethan called me sweetheart.

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