Judging A Book By it's cover [A Jason McCann Love Story] Chapter 6

Chapter 1

Chapter 6

by: ImBack_

Kendra's POV:
I woke up to the sound of yelling, which was from Jenna. I sighed and turned over to the other side of the bed.
"Get up!" She yelled even louder. I groaned and sat up glaring at her.
"What?" I hissed throwing my pillow towards her. She blocked it and grabbed my arm, her nails digging into my skin.
"Get up! You have school!" She pulled me off the floor as i hit the floor with a thump. I groaned holding my back and standing up. I went to the bathroom and took a look at myself in the mirror before undressing to take a shower.
Once I was done i wrapped my towel around my body and walked to my room changing into my outfit.

I went to the bathroom and brushed my hair before getting my backpack and walking out to the bus stop where i saw Jason. He was looking down at what i guess was his phone. He didn't even notice me as i stood next to him.
To be honesty, he was kind of cute. I pulled out my phone and looked down at it to see a picture of Rhina, Scott and I being silly. I laughed to myself, before shoving the phone back into my pocket. As we stood there and more people began to come to the bus stop yet, the weirdness from yesterday didn't fade off.

"Kendra!" Rhina said standing beside me. I smiled and waved as i heard a gagging around coming from behind me. I turned to Jason who was glaring at not Rhina but me.
It was like he made that noise just to make me angry, wanting to get a reaction out of me.
"What's your problem?" I yelled a bit. It caught the attention of almost everyone.
Rhina pulled me back a bit warning me to let it go. i glared at Jason just as furiously as he stared back. He stepped forward so he face was just inches away from mine. So close that i could feel his breath brushed the top of my lip.
"Listen Chick-"
"Kendra." I interrupted.
"Whatever your name is, Watch who you're talking to cause...." he trailed off just staring deep into my eyes. For the first time, i saw the anger from his face soften. I stared back for a moment before Rhina hit my arm snapping me out of the spell his hazel-brown eyes seemed to have me in.
"McCann what are you staring at?" I asked stepping back. My voice seemed to be weaker than before.
"Not you, believe that." He threw back. Though he and everyone else knew he was looking at me.
Just at that moment the bus pulled up. I headed towards it when Jason bumped into me. I bit my lip anger building up in me.
"I warned you! Know he's your enemy! He can could kill you any second he wanted to! What happened to promising not to talk to him?" I rolled my eyes as Rhina climbed onto the bus. I climbed on as the loud talking from Jason and his friends in the back got louder. I seat in the back with Rhina where Jason and his friends were.
It's not like i wanted to seat there, but i always sit in the back, ALWAYS. We were about only 4 seats away from them. Rhina was clearly mad at me. I sighed and looked forward as the bus came to McKenzi's stop.


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