emo love story 5/ the lie's and hurt of the heart.

emo love story 5/ the lie's and hurt of the heart.

He never really noticed Autumn Rosely. His name is Jake Tomson. He was on the top of the food chain (or the school popularity chain). He had tons of friends, and tons of girls wanted to "get" with him. Until he met her, thats when everything changes.

Chapter 1

You would have never known

"Autumn its a beautiful day, you should try going to school today," said autumns mother Kathy
"I dont feel like being teased by everyone and getting my lunch thrown in my face," Autumn said frusterated that her mother would even try to make her go to school.
"Okay but if you fail school and dont gratuate and become homeless living on the streat it wont be my fault, you will have yourself to blame," explained Kathy
"Okay whatever ill go to school," screamed Autumn as she ran out the door with her school bag.
she slowly walked down the side walk with the sun beaming down her neck... she slowly walks up to the school the only think she can think of is" greeaat another day of pushing teasing and bullying, can't wait.." she opens the door to the so called h3!! she has to live in for 2 more years..if you graduate...all she knows is school is a big bucket full of lies...LIST OF LIES 1. the teachers are here to help us. 2. the school counciler is always available. 3. the dress code will be enforced. 4. no smoking is alowed on school grounds. 5. our football team will win the championships 6. we expect more of you at school. 7. these will be years that you look on fondly. C-R-A-P... thats all it is... all it's ever been, and all it ever will be.
Right when she walks in the launch bell rings... she dives into the bathroom to escape all people, but shes too late they all see her and say "Oh look what the wind blew in, an emo tease/s!ut ," said a mean jock named Ruben, "Shut up Ruben, go bug someone else im sick of your bull$hit!" shouted Autumn, Ruben stares hard at autumn and says" at least i'm not an emo s!ut." autumn is about to shoot some swears back his way when Jake Tomson comes up behind him and whispers" forget about her she's already got enough problems" then they slowly walk down the hallway. The ending bell rings and Autumn runs to her next class before everyone can throw their trash at her.
* * * * * * * * *
By the end of the day she has several new bruises

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