Mine Forever A Justin Bieber Love Story part 23

sorry didn't post in while :D but here ya go

Chapter 1

Days Without Justin </3

by: AmyRyan

-Since the day we left the Bahamas, I haven’t heard from Ben since. I’ve seen
him around but we make no eye contact, no nothing. I really broke his heart, but
my heart needed Justin and I made the right choice…I think. He’s been on tour,
and my summer feels so lonely without him. I mean, I’m with my friends most of
the time but when I’m with them I’m thinking about him. The last time we talked
was 4 weeks ago; I hope he didn’t forget about me. Whenever I try to text him I
get no response, and I’m breaking down and don’t know if I can handle it

I was walking back from Kayla’s house in the pouring rain, freezing cold
because my parents don’t know how to pick up their phones. I get home, and of
course the house is quiet and empty…no one is ever home. But the shower was
the first thing on my mind, I ran upstairs took my clothes off and jumped into the
shower. My phone was sitting on the bathroom counter when it started going off.
It was Justin. I knew it was him because when he calls me I hear him sing a
part of Never Let You Go that he recorded on my phone. I stopped the shower
with shampoo all in my hair, soaking wet and ran to my phone.


Justin: UM HI, I miss you too?

Amanda: Sorry! I’m excited to finally talk to you, but really Justin 4 weeks? You
were that busy you couldn’t give me a little text for me to know you’re still alive.

Justin: I’m sorry I’m sorry; someone gave my number away again and had to
change my line. I flew to Japan, then Ireland and had it shipped to LA. And I’m
finally back in LA.

Amanda: Still, there are other ways to contact me.

Justin: I’m sorry I’m sorry, I’m busy and tired…my sleeping habits are off.

Amanda: I understand, its fine babe.

Justin: Thank you, this relationship won’t be easy but please hang in there.

Amanda: I am, getting use to these death threats. There actually….kind of
funny. Really, throw my head in a blender? laughing

Justin: laughing WHAT, he said that?!?

Amanda: One of your coocoo fans found my Facebook and messaged me.

Justin: Wow, I’m sorry. There protective over me, they found me first babe.

Amanda: Yeah yeah yeah.

Justin: i love you so much!

Amanda: I love you more baby, i just wish you were with me! Instead of hours
and hours away. When am I going to come see you!

Justin: I don’t know boo giggles hopefully some time soon.

Amanda: Good, I miss you. When I see you, I just want to cuddle with you and
you can make me that pasta we had when we first hangout.

(background noise)

Amanda: Who’s that? What, where are you going?

Justin: See you soon babe. Bye.

Amanda: Wait, what?

-Call end-

I sat there in my shower for a little, and then just went back to my shower. I lay
down in bed and tried to get my mind off Justin, I missed everything about him.
My closet door was open I go and grabbed his white hoodie which still smelled
like him and cuddled in my bed, listening to the rain hit against my window.
Every single time it rains, I just remember the first kiss Justin and I had, or when
he held me outside on my deck in the rain. I quickly fell asleep, wishing for a
miracle in the morning.


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