Blue Striped

another lunerclan story, second generation! From the point of view of two very important characters in our story. If this is confusing just ask and we can clarify because there are some parts that are a little fuzzy for us, only making it worse for you guys.

This is a warriorcats story so if you havent read them it might be more than just confusing

Chapter 1


My first memory is the warmth of my mother’s fur as my sister, Puddlekit, squirmed next to me. I was just a small kit, barely able to stand up, as much as I tried to. My mom was Beeflower and my dad was Tigereyes. I wanted to be just like them when I grew up. The best warrior EVER! Then the first stranger I ever met walked into the nursery.
"Well where are my new warriors?" the amber she-cat said. I mewed loudly hoping she would go away, she was noisy and not my family.
"Right here and already making trouble" my mom's sweet voice rang out. That’s when I noticed this strange she-cat's tail, seeing me she began to wave it back and forth practically inviting me to tackle it. So I did.
"Mom! Stripedkit is hurting that Wady!" Puddlekit practically yowled, she was such a tattle-tail.
"Am not!" I shouted back as I batted at her tail again once it slipped from my paws, now above my head.
The she-cat laughed and said "Well good luck Bee." With that she, and her tail, left the den.
My father stepped over and picked me up by the scruff. "That’s enough excitement for one day, maybe tomorrow you guys can go outside."
"But Dad!" my sister whined, I just yawned grateful to go back to sleep.
The next morning I woke up and saw my sister just helpless, sleeping next to me, it was almost too good to pass up. I pounced on her and she squealed and hissed at me, just as my dad walked into the den with a mouse she began to cry. Rushing over he picked her up and started to cuddle and nuzzle her "Are you ok sweety? What happened?"
Behind them I mouthed FAKER at her and she just smirked but switched back to tears when dad looked down. "Stripedkit pounced on me."
He turned to me his green eyes mad but gentle. "Stripedkit, say you’re sorry"
"Sorry" I grumbled.
"Actually mean it" my mom said waking up "Or no going outside today."
"Sorry Puddlekit" I said switching my tone, then looked up at my mom "Can I go play now?"
She nodded and my sister and I scrambled out of the den. Everything is so huge! I looked at the holes in the ground and wanted to explore I went to one that smelt like my dad, and some other cats but I didnt know them, yet.
"You shouldnt go in there" I narrowed my eyes, my sister.
"Why not?" I said turning to look at her.
"Because we aren’t supposed to."
"I don’t care I’m going in anyways" I slid down into the hole carefully only to see this huge ginger cat. I snuck towards the back of the den and hid under my father's nest only to have my sister tumble into the den rolling into the cat. He hissed at us but dad had come over to the mouth of the den.
"Get out of there you two"
I glared at my sister as we padded out of the den.
"What were you two doing in there?!"
"I was following Stripedkit!"
My dad didnt really know if he should discipline us or not so he just said "Don’t go in there again play outside."
"Ok!" we said in chorus. I pounced on my sister almost immediately and we began to tussle, me smacking her in the face and her pummeling my stomach everything was going fine until she bit my tail.
"OWWWWWW!" I yowled and turned hissing at her."MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!" I screeched running over to her "Puddlekit bit my tail!"
"He bit mine too!"
"Ah so your both to blame?" my mother said looking at us.
"No! She’s lying! She bit my tail for no reason!" this is when dad came over.
"Trouble?" he asked my mom.
"Puddlekit, tell me what happened." he said turning to her, as I tried to interrupt he gave me a hard glare I just flattened my ears.
"We were just playing and Stripedkit scratched my face so I bit his tail."
"So you did bite his tail? Even though you said you didnt?"
"Yeah, but only because he scratched me first!" She said knowing she was losing and they believed me.
"You don’t seem to look scratched. Are you telling the truth?" he eyed her questioningly.
"No..." she said slumping her shoulders. "Sorry Stripedkit."
I just nodded.
"Okay guys, I think its time you two go to bed? And tomorrow you can see an apprentice ceremony." said my mother, shooing us into the nursery.

The next day I was playing with a mouse from this huge pile in the middle of camp. There was this one cat who was pacing nervously in front of the apprentice den, then other big cats just milling around doing nothing. Amberstar called out "All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the highrock for a clan meeting!" Then EVERYONE got up and went over, I looked at my sister and she shrugged so we kept playing batting the mouse back and forth. My parents sat by the rock looking on when a large dark ginger cat, almost red came up to us, but it wasn’t the one from the day before.
"Hello kits." He smiled, but I didnt like the look of him, something wasn’t right, so I backed away in front of my sister my fur beginning to bristle.
"Who are you?" Puddlekit asked looking as if nothing seemed wrong at all.
"Why, I'm your uncle Redclaw." he said with the same smile. "Want to come explore the forest?"
I had always wanted to go out of camp so almost immediately I sprang up and shouted "Yes!" before I knew what I was saying.
"Ok then" and he came around and picked us up by our scruffs and headed out of camp. I was starting to get anxious again when he said muffled by out fur "Dovewing!"
A tortoise-shell she cat, Dovewing, jumped down from the branches landing in front of us as redclaw placed us down on the ground. I huddled close to my sister a hiss caught in my throat. "So these are the brats? A little overfed if you ask me" She said nudging my sister with her paw roughly, thats when i jumped up and hissed at her. Slap! My head was reeling, and i heard puddlekit whimper and felt her nuzzle me, then her warmth was gone and redclaw was coming towards me, i backed away hissing but he grabbed me anyways. The next thing i knew we were dropped roughly almost thrown onto the ground in a strange camp-like thing. There were dens and a barriar but that was about it. I looked up at our captors, a continuous hiss wanting to sound in my throat when the she-cat spoke. "Now you listen here brats, if you make one noise even a small little peep comes out of you, you can kiss those fluffy little ears of yours goodbye" She hissed making us fall back in a scramble to get away, i had flattened my ears but stood in front of my sister to protect her.
They started to talk about killing some cat, swiftshadow i think when my sister suddenly piped up "You'll never get away with this, Daddy will find us!"
"And then he'll run you out of the forest!" i said fiercly.
"Shut up! The both of you." She said both of them turning to look at us.
"You dont know your father's past do you?" Redclaw sneered.
"I dont want to hear it from you!" I hissed when again i had the sharp pain sent through my head but this time it hurt more, she had her claws out. I glared at her from the corners of my eyes, as some blood trickled down my face and my sister scurried over behind me.
"You'll do what we say!" she hissed then turned to redclaw. "I dont have time to deal with annoying mousebites like them, they're yours to deal with now."
"And where are you going?" He said a bit miffed.
"To my den for some rest, i cant be stressing out i have kits on the way" and with that she was gone inside her den. Redclaw moved in on us and grabbed us both by the scruff, struggling as best i could before he threw us down into a musty old den to steep for us to get out of, it seemed hopeless. Redclaw stood guard outside.
I heard puddlekit whimper. "I want to go home, im hungry, and cold"
"I know" i said cuddling closer to her, she seemed sick, she was very warm yet she said she was cold. I nuzzled into her fur trying to cool her down. Is anyone even looking for us? I didnt dare say it out loud. Did they know we were gone? Thats when i heard very faintly. "Stripedkit! Puddlekit!"
"Daddy? Daddy!" My sister said jumping up as best she could. Redclaw stirred as if he were coming into the den.
"Daddy!" I tried to yowl but was cut short when i slammed into the wall of the den, another blow to my delicate head.
"Shut up! Both of you! Before i get Dovewing to claw your ears off." he hissed.
I cowered in the back, even i began to give up, something in me just gave out, i couldnt resist any more it was hopeless. Dad wouldnt have heard us, they would never find us, and my head was pounding with a sharp pain. "That's better!" he hissed and left the den.
Puddlekit cuddled close as the faint crys of our family died down and dissapeared, she was getting warmer, we cuddled, me for her warmth and her to cool down, all the while whining and sniffling.
"I'm hungry" she whined.
"Me too." i said. i was sorry for being mean to my little sister before, i was going to protect her no matter what, but when Redclaw came in i looked away hoping he wasnt going to hit me.
"Whats with all the whining?" i didnt answer and looked away trying to bury myself in my sisters fur when suddenly her warmth was gone.
I hissed as he left the den with my sister. "Where are you taking her! No! Puddlekit!!"
"Relax kit." he said as his pawsteps faded away. I paced the den looking into the opening every now and then. What is he doing to her? Where is he taking her? Bring her back! I started desperatly trying to climbup out of the opening.
"Puddlekit!" i yowled again trying to get out, when i heard his footsteps again.
He came in witha ball of moss, where is my sister!? When he placed it down some water leaked out and her black fur showed through. I ran over and began to hiss at him making him back away and get out. I licked at her fur gently and even lapped up some of the moss, i needed a drink i was so hungry and thirsty, this would have to do.
I came closer to her face and layed down beside her. "Right here, shhh." and we fell asleep drenched in mossy water and hungry. Our third night alive.

I woke up that morning the moss dried and my sister warmer then before. I looked up through the den at the ginger lump sitting there.
i hadnt noticed that puddlekit woke up "I want to go home."
At that point redclaw went to come in but he saw something, i heard scratching too. The next thing i knew a small cat was dangling by her scruff screeching trying to attack him. She was thrown in and almost immediatly i went over to her for warmth. She looked down and smiled, it was Spacekit! i had seen her in camp before and she got in trouble with us once. Determined she got up again and tackled Redclaw from behind.
"Put me down!" she yowled, he had gotten a hold of her scruff.
"Sure thing kit." and then they were gone from my view, but under her yowlings and the sounds of claws i heard again.
"Stripedkit! Puddlekit!"
I knew Redclaw was busy so i yowled as loud as i could "DADDY! DAD! DADDY!!"
Puddlekit joined in and we heard Spacekit struggling, but then we heard a big thump.
"Ferris! you came!" ferris was another cat in our clan same age as Spacekit, they were friends. If Spacekit was alright, then what was the big thump?
It was choas, but i heard a familiar hiss and growl from outside. "DAD!"
Spacekit and Ferris got us out of the den and i ran over to my mom relishing her warmth, and puddlekit stumbled over too. Our reunion was short as my parents noticed the cat lying on his side, he fell from a tree.
"Redclaw!" my father hissed glaring at him, you could tell that he had never cared for this cat.
My mom looked down at us and quietly said "Stay here." and walked over. "what are you doing here?"
"He stole the kits!" my dad hissed again as Redclaw got up and walked closer to him, they were eye to eye. Thats when Scarpath barged in hissing up a storm.
"What do you think you were doing! Did you think we would just forget about them!" She hissed cuffing him upside the head, i had to smile at that.
"This clan is full of rougues and mixed blood" My dad and i both hissed at that and i ran over hissing and spitting standing beside my father.
"If your what pure blood is i think the clan could use some loners." My dad said.
"Listen one of the kits is sick just go back to your own camp" he said knowing he was not only outnumbered but severly mistaken.
"What is all this noise!" I turned to see dovewing and hid behind my father. "What's it to you anyways, Redlcaw says that your not even apart of the clan!" She said stalking over to my father.
"I'm the kits father, you know, the ones you stole!" He hissed but he didnt unsheath his claws i could tell he knew she was a queen.
"Well this isnt your precious territory so i suggest you leave!"
"I was deputy of this territory you on the other hand have no rights to it!" My dad said growling, what was he talking about?he was just a warrior.
"So your saying the leader's mate has no rights to the territory? You do know that we have just as many rights as them"
He took a step back but then regained himself "You arent hawkfires mate!"
"Sure cats like you dont have to believe me, either way, leave or we will force you to."
My dad's fur bristled and he said very threatningly "I'll leave but only cause my kit is sick. Touch my kits again and i wont hold back next time. Queen" he added. Then we made our way back, i noticed scarpath wasnt with us, probably went ahead of everyone.
I ran into the camp and ran from den to den but when i caught site of the pile of prey, i knew now was called the fresh kill pile, i nearly dove in, finding a small enough mouse that i could eat. When i finished that i ran into the nursery where my mom and dad were nuzzling puddlekit, when the medicen cat came in, her name was rosepetal.
"I heard someone's back!" she said giving me a getle nuzzle.
"Yeah and rosepetal, puddlekit is sick." My mom said gently taking me into her fur.
Rosepetal pawed at puddlekit gently "Just a fever dont worry, i'll get some herbs for her."
I just drifted off into sleep, my scar showing through my downy ginger and black fur.
Things resumed to normal the next day, with one exception, my sister and i didnt fight. She was watching a butterfly and i didnt pounce on it, so she could just watch it. Things were fine until i heard someone go "I'm bluekit! whats your name?" I turned around and wanted to jump out of my fur, she looked just like dovewing!


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