The Pain of the Wolf (Seth Clearwater)

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p.s. bella is a vamp and nessie still looks like a child but everyone is in school.This will not completely follow any of the book.
Jessi a.ka. love_and_other_ drugs101 or jasper_is_my_man

Chapter 1

Coming Home...sort of

"Now boarding Flight 270 to Seattle, Washington" I heard the woman say over the intercom. I took a deep breath before heading for my terminal to live with people I don't even remember. It's my fault Mom and I had to move away from La Push, from our family. If I hadn't of gotten both genes we would have stayed. Mom wouldn't be dead right now if it weren't for me. There was an attack recently. Those stupid bloodsuckers. They killed her. I tried to save her but the odds were against me. There were 20 of them and only 1 of me. I tried my hardest to fight my way through the others to get to the leader to save her. But I was too late. By the time I got to her she was already dead. I killed the remaining S.O.B.'s and cleaned her up. I made it seem as if she had had a heartattack before calling for help. I cried mysef to sleep that night.I was then told I had to move to La Push and live with my dad and brother, who I haven't seen since I was 2. I can't count the nights I've cried myself to sleep then woken up in the middle of the night from screaming in my sleep. I know I sound pathetic. I mean, come on I'm supposed to kill leeches not have nightmares about them. As for the fact about both see, it turns out my dad wasn't the only one to carry a supernatural gene. While Dad carried the shapeshifter gene, Mom carried the werewolf gene....thus I ended up with both. I hate everything about it. For one I change into what I call a monster every full moon. I have no control over it. I do things out of my control, things I would normally never do. I've killed...Brutally. The worse thing is, is that recently the whole thing got a whole lot worse and a whole lot more complicated. You see I was doing my rounds, making sure no leeches tried to harm any humans, when I was attacked. Yes I destroyed my attacker, but at a high cost. Apparently he had gotten ahold of me when I wasn't paying attention and bit me. The odd thing was, was instead of the venom killing me like it's supposed to, it turned me into a half vampire. You see the delima, right? Well if you don't, then let me put it to you this way: out of control werewolf+bloodthirsty newborn half vampire=more killings. Now you see? It's not a very good situation. Now back to now. As I was sitting on the plane thinking about all the horrible things I've done and the tragic, brutal death of my mother, I apparently didn't realize we had already landed in Seattle and the steurdess was infront of me trying to get my attention. I snapped back into reality as I heard my name being shouted rudely. "Oh good. You've come back to us." she said in a smart elicky kind of way. I tried to control my temper and said,through gritted teeth "Yes?" When she realized I had puffy eyes, from where I had obviously been crying...wait.....crying? I don't remember starting to cry. She quickly changed her attitude and said "Sweety we've landed. It's time to get off the plane." in a sweet-like tone. I looked around me and realized what she was saying was true. Most of the people were already off and the remainder were getting their carry-on luggage. I quickly thanked the steurdess and grabbed my carry-on, which only consisted of my Ed Hardy tote bag, and proceeded to exit the airplane. I quickly found what little luggage I had; most of my things had already been shipped, including my Midnight blue 2010 Chevy Malibu. I then started to search for either my dad or my brother. It was hard but I believe I finally found him. I walked up to the man that looked a little like me. I had to tap his shoulder to get his attention since he wasn't looking my way. When he noticed me, I spoke in a sweet and polite voice, saying "Exuse me, but I'm looking for either a Quil Ateara Sr. or a Quil Ateara Jr. Would you happen to know either of them?" He smiled kindly down at me...haha isn't that funny, I'm a shapeshifter and werewolf and people still have to look down at me to speak. If you must know, after I was bitten I found out I had a special power, beyond what I can already do. That is to say I could already tell when someone was lying to me. I get something kind of like a vision of sorts and know exactly if a person is lying or not. I could already also tell what a person's emotion is. Though those were inhanced after the change, I obtained another power. I can change my appearance any time I want. I wanted to be able to blend in with everyone else so I changed things to make me look like a normal 16 year old girl. The supernatural can still smell my normal scent, though, which is a bummer. The man then began to speak "Well I'm Quil Ateara Sr., but usually everyone calls me Old Quil. If you want to find Quil Ateara Jr., who goes by Quil, you'll find him at La Push beach with his friends." He then took a better look at me and asked "You wouldn't happen to be Sarah Elizabeth Ateara, would you?" I smiled sweetly and replied "Yes, that is me." He smiled before embracing me in a tight hug. "My how you've grown. Sarah you look so beautiful, just like your mother." My mood faultered for a slight second before he could notice. Unfortunately he did and gave me a comforting hug before saying "Now the police explained that she had a heart attack but I believe it was more than that." I nodded solemly. "Would you mind telling me what really happened?" He asked as he led me to what I guessed was his truck. "Would it be alright if we talked about it later?" I asked, not really wanting to get into that conversation. He noticed how uncomfortable I felt about the whole thing. "Of course." he replied solemly. I nodded my head as a sort of thanks. We rode in silence the rest of the way. When we got there Dad finally spoke "I hope you don't mind but I already set up your room." I really didn't mind, that was one thing less I had to do. "Oh and your car is really nice looking." I spotted my car in the driveway and smiled. "Thanks, Dad." I replied to his compliment. 'Wow that's going to be hard to get used to...Dad.' "Your room is upstairs and to the right. Why don't you go get settled in and then you can got to the beach and get reaquainted with your brother." I nodded, my only response. I finished 'settling in' as my dad put it, quickly. I was then off to the beach to find my brother. "Hopefully he won't be too hard to find." I muttered quietly as I parked the car. I spotted a group consisting of 7 guys and 1 girl. I guessed I would try and see if one of them was Quil since Dad had stated he was here and they were the only people around. I walked along the edge of the water in a pair of my skinny jeans and red tanktop. I could hear their conversation perfectly. One of the guys noticed me looking their way and told the others, pointing directly at me. He then motioned for me to go over there. I decided to play with him a bit and just continued walking along the water. After a few moments I heard the same guy call me over again. I looked in his direction, stood my ground, and made direct eye contact with him. I slowly walked in their direction, teasing them a bit, before finally jogging directly at them. "You do know it's not polite to point, right?" I asked the guy who had been trying to get me over here. "You actually noticed?" he asked. "Yeah...." I trailed off with a small giggle. "So what's your name?" he asked. "You tell me yours and I might tell you mine." I teased playfully. I looked around the group before making eye contact with one that looked around my age. I couldn't look away. My eyes were glued to his amazing ones. It confused me deeply. I had never felt the emotions that flooded through my body as we just stared into eachothers eyes. ~Seth's P.O.V.~ The guys, Leah, and I decided to spend the day at the beach when Embry noticed a girl walking on the edge of the water. She looked to be a bit out of place. She also seemed to be looking for something or someone. Embry tried to get her attention so she would come over but she just took a swift glance and continued walking. She eventually came after a few minutes of what I believe was actually teasing and stated boldly to Embry that it wasn't polite to point. After Embry failed to get a name from her, she looked around at the entire pack before looking at me. I couldn't take my eyes off her. I didn't know her name or recognize these emotions that ran throughout my body. Thoughts raced and emotions soared as I glanced intensely into her beautiful brown eyes that I noticed also had a tint of gold and red in them. I finally realized what the others meant when they talked about imprinting. I was, eventually, snapped back into reality when someone discreatly cleared their throat. ~Sarah's P.O.V.~ We both snapped out of it when someone cleared their throat. 'What just happened?' I thought quietly to myself. I then remember something my mother explained to me. 'Oh...what did she call it?' After a few more seconds of thinking, I remembered the word she had used was, imprinting. 'Did I just imprint?' I asked myself quietly. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see one of the older guys nudge my imprint and glance in my direction. I pretended not to notice. I then heard "Hey, I'm Seth. Sorry about Embry. He doesn't really have any manners.What is your name?" "Well, it's nice to meet you, Seth. So that's his name..huh...I see what you mean. He really doesn't have any manners at all." (glares at Embry) "Oh, and my name's Sarah." I stated, looking straight into Seth's eyes. "What a beautiful name. " He stated fondly. I blushed, but heard a few gags from some of the other guys. "You guys better shut up or I swear I'll beat the living daylights out of you. I know for a fact that you all are just the same maybe even worse with your imprints." "I'd like to see her try. She's just a little shrimp. She shouldn't be able to do much harm, if any." I heard someone mutter. Then another stated "Did you just say...imprint?" "What is it to you?" I asked sarcasticly. He started to shake violently. 'Oh great!' I thought sarcasticly. 'He's a Mr. Anger Management.' Before anyone could do anything, he went to punch. I mean, seriously, who does he think he is. In a matter of seconds I had twisted his arm around his back and had him faceplanted into the sand. "I wouldn't try that again if I were you." I hissed before gently releasing him. I then proceeded to help him up. He was hesitant at first but I gave him a completely innocent look which caused him to finally accept my helping hand. ~Seth's P.O.V.~ I can't believe Paul would try to punch her. I know he has anger issues, but seriously, you're going to try to punch an imprint like that, right infront of them. I do have to admit, though, Sarah's seriously tough. I've never seen a shapeshifter take down another shapeshifter so quickly before...and in human form. It didn't even take her two seconds before she had him on the ground. But the weirdest thing was she hissed at him. It was as if she were a vampire not a shapeshifter. But that's impossible...right? I was completely confused by this girl. I didn't even know how she was able to keep from phasing considering she was angry. I mean she wasn't even slightly shaking but I could still tell by her facial features that she was angry. ~Sarah's P.O.V.~ "Wow!" I heard after I helped him up. "What?" I asked, as if it weren't extremely obvious. "How did you do that so fast?" asked, what looked like the pack leader. "I don't know what you're talking about." I stated, all seriousness evident in my voice. I didn't want these guys finding out about my secret. I didn't want them to hate me for what I am, like I do. If I weren't so abnormal, I would have never had to leave La Push in the first place. I would know who my brother was and what he was like. I suddenly gasped when all my thoughts reminded me that I was trying to find my brother. "What!?!?" Seth asked alarmed. "It's just, I remembered I was looking for my brother, but..." I trailed off at the end. "But what?" I heard one of the boys, that I hadn't been introduced to yet, ask. I blushed,slightly, in embarrassment. "...But I don't know what he looks like." I stated,still blushing. " do you not know what your own brother looks like?" the 'Anger management' guy stated laughing hard. I tried to contain the hiss that built up in my throat but it still came out as I angrily stated "Shut up!" this caused him to ask "What are you, some kind of vampire?" "No..." I said sadly and quietly, while looking away from everyone. Seth walked over to me and tried to get me to look at him to figure out what was wrong. When I refused to look he asked sofly but worriedly "What's wrong, Sarah?" I finally looked at him and stated monotonously "It's nothing. Can we just drop that conversation?" Before he could question me any further, I changed the subject back to figuring out what my brother looks like. "Hmmm...." I trailed off, not knowing what to actually say. "If you tell us his name,we may know him." The leader stated with a soft smile. "Quil Ateara." There were several 'gasps' and "Dude,seriously"s after I finished. As soon as everyone was finished being in shock, one of the boys stepped forward and said "I guess that means you would be looking for me then."


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