Living Without A Reason (Read if you have a heart)

Chapter 1

Remeber Me, Please

by: Jay110
Everday I wonder,
Am I going to wake up tomorrow?
I can't find my mommy,
Or my daddy.
Is life still worth living?
Will you help me find my sister?
Or my brother?
Will you love me?
Or will you just forget me?
Aren't I still important?
Or am I just living without a reason?
My family is gone,
And so are my freinds,
So why do I still bother?
You tell me you feel my pain.
But do you really feel it?
Because it feels like there's a hole inside my soul.
I live in vain.
But no one cares.
So for my last wish,
Tell my mommy I love her,
And my daddy, too.
Tell my sisters and my brothers that I'd always cared.
Tell my friends that I'll miss them so.
Tell grandma and grandpa I regret the time wasted,
And I will play that game of chess now.
I'm sorry it has to end like this,
But then again,
Who cares?
For the victims of Japan. The earthquake that created the tsumani that destroyed millions. Always may they be remembered.


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