"It's tough growing up in Zombieland."

Ella never had much of a life.She was beatiful every girl wanted to be her.Every guy wanted her even her own parents would hit on her.It was tough growing up.Ella never had any frineds because of this. People freaked her out.One day when the deathly zombie virus hits Stanford University she's prepared. She fleds the campus and steals the principals new porche.Ella had tought herself how to use a gun and every weapon possible."Borrowing" all the weapons se can find what will be her destiny?

Chapter 1

The guy

I watched as two zombies were chasing a curly haired teenager.I slunked in the shadows watching and if he needed help it was tough luck for him.Yet I still found myself going closer towards the unfolding scene.I was just about to go when he had already gotten away from them.I saw a rustling in the back and I knew instantly that a zombie was back there.Farewelll I tought to the curly haired guy.I turned around to leave when I heard the glass breaking I spun around fastly just in time to see the car crash into a store.I almost raced out I didn't want him to die but this was showing weakness.I couldn't do this.I ran towards my old principlas porsche and opened it as quietly as I could I tossed my gun into my seat.

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