Believing the Lies and Discarding the Truth

Gregory Orvonitch fell in love with his college girlfriend, Serendipity. A week from their wedding, she was killed in a gruesome accident at her work. He thought that the killer was in jail. He thought he could get over it. He thought he might love again.
He was right about two of those things.
Anastasia, his old high-school girlfriend, returns into his life with passion. And until he knows that the ghost he's seeing is of Serendipity, he follows all the bait and ignores the truth.

Chapter 1

Laugh No More

He held his head in his hands and let the tears come out, one by one, pain by pain, memory by memory. All the scenes of Sera, her beautiful copper hair, flawless skin, happy, joyful, living. "Why did they take her away?" he asked himself. "Why her? Why my Sera, why her?"
A soft rattle came from behind him and he looked to see his spoon wavering in midair.
"I'm going crazy."
Nobody would disagree with the statement, except for the one person who was levitating the spoon.
"It's so hard to come back," a voice whispered in his mind. He recognized the sentence that had come from his Sera's mouth when she returned to him after she had been ill and going to visit her parents. When he had asked her why, she had responded, "It was even harder to go away, you know. I love my family. But I love you more."
He had tickled her chin. She had laughed.
He would hear her laugh no more.
He knocked the spoon out of the air and it clattered to the ground. He cursed as it cut his knuckle and it began to bleed. He kicked the kitchen island, which Sera had so fashionably picked out, and left a dent in both it and his foot. He swore again.
And just as quickly as he had lost his temper, he lost all will to fight back at life. He plopped himself down and wept into his bleeding arm.
"WHY MY SERA?" he yelled into his empty house, which again, she had so fashionably picked out. He looked at her picture on the nightstand next to the couch. "Why you?"


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