Secrets and Lies (a Sirius Black love story-kinda!)

Character Profile
Name: Samantha (aka: Sam) White
Age: 11 at beginning of story
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Best friends: Lily Evans, Sirius Black, James Potter and Remus Lupin
Personality: Can be angry and tough but mostly cool, funny and smart
Creature: Nuit du Loup (Night Wolf)

Chapter 3

Gryffindor House

The Gryffindor table cheered, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sirius wink at me. James must have filled him and Remus in about the whole Lily issue. I went and sat next to Lily and she gave me the biggest hug ever.
“Okay, Lils, don’t kill me!” I said and she laughed but let go.
“Sorry. Well, it’s not as if I could kill you, even if I wanted to!” she said, still laughing.
We laughed and chatted, while eating the feast. Well, Lily was eating more than me. I didn’t really like most of it. The meat was way too artificial for me and the rest was just gross. Lily noticed this too. She whispered,
“Craving something fresher? Are you going out tonight?” she asked.
“Duh!” I answered, “But can we not talk about this in the most jam packed place in the entire school.”
“Oops, sorry,” she said and went back to eating.
I continued to play around with my food and pretend to eat it. I only put a very small amount on my plate so it looked like I’d eaten quite a bit anyway. Well that’s what I thought anyway, but apparently, I wasn’t convincing enough because a girl, sitting opposite me said,
“Is the food here not good enough for pure-bloods like you?” She asked
“N-n-no,” I stuttered, “It’s just that I’m not that hungry.”
She laughed, “Jeez, I was joking.” I sighed with relief. “I’m Vikki Shinichi,” She held out her hand.
“Sam White,” I said as I shook her hand, “and this is Lily Evans, “ I added nodding to Lily.
“Hey,” Lily greeted and shook Vikki’s hand too.
Then after we had finished eating (well, apart from me) we followed the Head Boy, Arthur Weasly, up to our dorm. I got the bed next to the biggest window. Lily laughed when she realised why I ran straight for that bed and went for the one on the right of me and Vikki was on the left of me. There were only two other girls in our dorm: one girl called Molly who had long, wavy, ginger hair and another girl called Tara who had shoulder-length black hair. Tara didn’t seem to talk much but, when she thought I wasn’t looking, she would stare at me a lot. It wasn’t a creepy stare, it was like a Healer examining her (or his) patient. It was kind of like she was studying me, trying to get to know me before she decided if she should speak to me. Soon, after I caught her staring for the eleventh time and looked curiously at her, she said,
“Oh, sorry, I’m Tara-well you already know that thanks to Molly (Molly had introduced them both). You’re Samantha.”
My hand curled into a fist behind my back but I managed to control myself-I mean, it wasn’t like it was her fault that I was cursed with a God-Damn name like Samantha. “Sam,” I said quickly. I glanced over at Lily, who was in a heated discussion with Molly and Vikki over who were the fittest boys there. Sometimes I couldn’t believe her. I mean, Lily’s just 11 years old, she’s only been here five minutes and already she was discussing guys she hadn’t even met.
Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’re best friends being that we are probably as different as two people can be.
But, then again, I am different to most people-nearly everyone.
There are very few like me.

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