The Mudblood Slytherin

Chapter 1


Zephyr Sequoia edged nervously along with the other first years and through the Entrance Hall to the cavernous Great Hall. Many candles hung in midair above their heads, giving the room a cheery look. The crowd of eleven year olds flooded around a single small black stool, where a tall witch with green robes set a pile of brown rags. The Sorting Hat was being watched by every pair of eyes throughout the whole school of Hogwarts now.
"Sequoia, Zephyr." The witch who had introduced herself in the Entrance Hall as Professor McGonagoll called to them.
A short girl with dark red hair and blue eyes marched up the steps to sit with the Sorting Hat placed on her tiny head. Immediately, the hat fell to her shoulders. The room rang with laughter. Zephyr felt like she was to cry and hitched it up to at least her eyebrows.
"Hmmm...yes, yes...Oooh. A twist...Well. It best be....SLYTHERIN!" Instead of cheering, the whole room went into a hushed tension of whispers. Even the professors were staring at Zephyr...And she knew why...
She was sorted into Slytherin...and she was muggleborn.

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