Buried Deep

Jessica lived a pretty normal life until one day she was kidnapped and sold into slavery. This story, however, does not take place in the 1800s. It takes place in present day. Another thing different about Jessica, she was sold to be a slave to a vampire. Hes name is Oliver Quinn, a cold, distant, vampire. However, Quinn is amazed that Jessica can get him to show feelings that he has never shown anyone before, let alone a weak human.

Chapter 1


"For tonight answer questions 1-19 on pages 123 and 124. I expect it from everyone tomorrow. No exceptions!" Mr. Cook yelled over the scrape of chairs and bustle of students all trying to leave at once. It was 12:05, lunch, for the Senior class of Washington High School. I had left the school building, planning on leaving to grab a smoothie and The Shake Shack before it was time to finish up the rest of my day.

The wind was blowing. It whipped my red hair across my face in all directions. It was a sunny day, around May, and students were filing out of the building on their way to grab some lunch.

I swung the door of my 2005 black prius open and climbed inside cranking music from the radio. Pulling into The Shake Shack I noticed there was no line.
I smiled, grabbed my purse and walked up to the door (Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=29550701).

The place was empty. No customers, no workers, nothing.

"Hello?" I called walking in and up to the counter. Silence responded. I stood there, wondering maybe the workers were just hanging in the back. I small red bell sat on the counter. I pressed it a few times, and still no one came.

Another bell responded, the one on the door. I turned just as someone slammed me into the counter.

"Hey!" I yelped trying to get a dark haired man off of me. He was wearing black jeans and a tight black shirt that showed his muscles. The man put up a dirty rag to my face, suffocating me with a horrid scent. I struggled to no avail. My vision blurred and I couldn't see straight. I fell, the man roughly grabbing my arm before I hit my head.

He dragged me toward the door. I passed out just as I was thrown into the back a black van.


I rough jolt woke me up. I was still in the back of a van, rope tied tightly behind my back bounding my hands and my feet. The back of the van was dark, with no windows. Moans sounded every bump we hit. I would slam into someone and hit my head on the side of the van.

A cold hand rested on my hand making me jump. "Hey, how are you holdin' up?" I raspy voice asked me from my right.

"What's happening?" I whispered trying to find the source of the voice.
"Ah, a newbie. Well I'm Danielle, call me Dani."


"Well Jessica, I am sorry to break this to yeah, but your a slave now."

"Excuse me!?" I hissed .

Dani sighed. "I must make this quick, I don't know how long we have until we reach the market. Vampires are real. You may not believe me and think I sound crazy, but they are. Obviously they need humans to survive. That's where we come in. We were kidnapped, well except for me and many others who are born into slavery, and sold to vampires around the world to assist them in their every day life. Feeding, cleaning, all that jazz. We are on our way to the market where they will show us in front of vampires willing to spend big bucks to buy us."

I laughed, a strained and raspy sound. I shook my head and rested it on the van walls. This girl had fallen off the sane wagon. I couldn't even believe how she could come up with this story herself. I couldn't answer Dani, afraid she might lash out on me for not believe her ridiculous fairy tale.

The van abruptly stopped and I was jolted side ways into Dani. The back door was ripped open by two men who wore the same thing the dark haired guy was wearing. Squinting from the bright light, I looked around. There were at least 15 people in the van. Adults, kids, females and males, all different. They whimpering and moving to the back of the van.

Was this some sort of sick initiation to a club? I couldn't remember any club I could have signed up for. One by one the men started grabbing people out of the van and shoving them to a place I couldn't see. Finally a man grabbed me and hauled me out of the van into the blinding sun.

I was nervous wondering why this was happening. I got shoved into a cage which someone quickly locked. When my eyes adjusted I looked around. I was on a stage in the middle of a field. Behind me people from the van were huddled by one another. When I turned away something else caught my eye. About 50 people were standing around.

Each and everyone one of them looking at me.

I panicked and shook the door trying to open it. Nothing happened. I woman with brown short cropped hair came up and stood beside me by the cage.

She started to speak. "Here we have Jessica Locke. Red hair, blue eyes. Height- 5 foot 2 inches, age- 18, senior at Washington High School. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 12 and she now lives with a aunt who is always away on business. No siblings. She cooks, reads, and cleans. We will start bidding at $100,000."

So many questions ran through my head at 100 miles an hour. How could she know so much about me? How did she know about my parents? And what I like to do? And most of all... bidding!?

Men and women who were once scanning me now started to scream out numbers.

"$100,000!" Cried a white haired man.

"$170,000!" Bellowed a short stubby woman.

"$320,000!" Yelled another white haired man.

"$580,000!" Hollered a aging blond haired man.

"580 going once...twice...sold! To the man wearing the red jacket!" The woman next to me said.

The man walked up and looked up at me smiling. Two pointy canines smiled back. I gasped, looking around to see if anyone noticed. I looked at Dani and pointed to my own teeth.

Just then the cage door opened and to men grabbed my bound arms and pulled me away, I passed Dani. "I told ya so," she whispered.

____Author's Note____

Usually when I write stories I am like if I want people to read it I am going to have to make sure my grammar, spelling and descriptions are all right and/or accurate. Well this story is going to be my "fun" story. When I read Patatoes 12's stories she has links to Polyvore (A website for outfit making) and I thought that was better than trying to describe to everyone the outfit. Plus it's fun to make the outfits. :P So I am sorry if you re one of those people who don't like that. I hope you like this story. I havn't done a vampire story in a while. Let's just hope I go all the way to the end!

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