Time To Get Real

Chapter 1

Waking Up

by: Jay110
"Wake up, or die. I don't care," Treston said. I looked up at him, his brown hair was blowing with the wind, his green eyes had a far away look. I looked around at where we were, and remembered that night before. I held back tears and stood up. "You always act like you don't care about anyone but yourself," I said,"yet you saved my life. Obviously, you do care." I gave him a hug. Suprisingly, he didn't push me away. I pushed my black hair out of my face as we walked on the side of the gravel road. "What now?" I asked, feeling a little tired. "I don't know," he said,"If you have any ideas, feel free to speak up now." I sighed. "Well, do you at least know where we are?" I asked, sounding a bit annoyed. He looked at me, his eyes did something, had a certain look in them I couldn't quite explain. Then he just continued to stare at me. "What?" He stopped walking. "WHAT?" He snapped out of his trance,"Oh nothing," he said, and started walking again. I knew something was wrong, but I knew he would't tell me. After about an hour of walking, I collaspsed on the ground, exhausted. Treston sat down next to me. "Okay, I'm hungry and tired and have no idea where the heck we are. I'm guessing your feeling the same way," I said. "Not really, actually I'm not hungry at all. Not really tired either," he replied, I wanted to slap him. "Wait, I know where we are," he said, "But I don't think your going to like the place...." "I don't care! I just want to know where we are!!" I yelled. He pointed and then I saw it and gasped. I couldn't believe it. The Hollywood sign.

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